Vein-related problems are nothing new and more people across the world are reportedly getting under its grip. In fact, chronic venous insufficiency is something that can lead to varicose veins and may impact the quality of life to a great degree. Some of usual symptoms of the problem include heavy legs, swollen ankles, pain and night cramps in legs. All this can happen to anyone when the valves in their veins get damaged and the blood does not go up the legs in a smooth manner. This is when the blood starts to store around the calves and ankles to cause pain.

Let’s look at how compression stockings help people with varicose veins –

    • Compression stockings are considered helpful for those facing venous conditions and plagued with its related symptoms
    • These stockings or socks are basically a special type of elastic hosiery made to support health blood circulation
    • The socks are helpful in preventing chronic venous insufficiency and a variety of other conditions such as spider veins and varicose veins
    • They create pressure on the legs and ankles and compress the surface veins and arteries
    • The sustained pressure makes the vein valves function properly and this is how blood starts flowing to the heart without any obstacle
    • You should consult a specialist and understand the right ways to use varicose veins socks and treat the problems in legs and ankles
    • The socks have to be put on lower legs in the morning and then get out of the bed
    • Sitting and standing positions are not conducive for vein valves to function properly and rather sleeping in a horizontal position is helpful
    • When you are standing or sitting, you are in a vertical position which allows the gravity to play its part and obstruct the blood flow
    • It’s important to understand the harms associated with damaged valves and use the right socks for the treatment and compression
    • If right care is not taken, your calves and ankles will get heavy and swollen in a gradual manner and may not feel fine in the morning
    • The valves remain in the right position when the socks and put on in the morning, and it ensure blood circulation in the legs during the day
    • Compression stockings are very helpful for facing vein-related problems as it can deal with symptoms such as swollen ankles and heavy legs
    • Right kind of socks can help relieve the chronic pain, fatigue, night cramps and restless legs that people often face due to damaged veins
    • Compression stockings are very helpful where people have vein-related issues and are required to sit or stand for hours on end
    • They are good for those travelling for long distances with limited leg room
    • They are also known to help reduce or prevent evening swelling
    • These socks are best for people whose job requires sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • It’s however advisable to consult the doctor and ask the right compression level and benefit from stockings to the best way possible

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