Wake, eat, gym, work, eat, rest, sleep, and repeat – the idea of a regular workout schedule is impressive, though not entirely attainable for those of us whose jobs or livelihood already tire us out. And fall in Toronto can make it doubly difficult to get out the door and to the gym, because, as the days get shorter and the weather gets lousier, the couch starts looking better and better.

The first thing to remember, then, is that you don’t need to go to the gym every single day, and in fact, telling yourself that might deter you from going at all. Try choosing a pay-as-you-go gym and using it flexibly, more some weeks than other weeks. Staying physically fit yet financially sensible seems to be difficult balance to achieve, when gym and fitness clubs are siphoning our hard-earned funds into memberships that barely fit into our daily lives, but true, long-standing mental and physical fitness starts with first finding the best gyms in Toronto then narrowing them down to one that keeps your wallet healthy as well.

Have you ever looked at your monthly gym membership charges and calculated how many times that month that you had actually gone? There’s an indisputably sick feeling when you realize that you paid $80 to attend only two, hour-long spin classes. According to personal finance advice website Credit Donkey, only 50% of gym members go on a regular basis, averaging 100 visits or more in a year, and not only are these members paying more than they should for the gym, but alternately, members who choose to go to a paid per visit facility, were more likely to go to the gym.

The next thing to consider when looking to stay fit is the quality of the gym you choose. A great gym should offer options to fit any lifestyle, life-changes, and any budget, and shouldn’t make you feel guilty because you haven’t gone often enough within the last few months. Look for a place that offers a wide variety of classes taught by professionals, that way you can treat it like a fitness buffet, sampling a little bit of Muay Thai on Monday maybe, and a little bit of yoga on Wednesday, etc. Don’t be afraid to do some snooping, either: look at the credentials of the fitness instructors, and peruse reviews to see if they’re easy to work with, if they’re encouraging and motivating. When fall rolls around, the last thing you need is to be shouted at by some indifferent, inexperienced instructor – that’s enough to drive anyone away from the gym.

No one wants to feel obligated to workout. Positive physical changes don’t happen through obligation, and no one wants guilt to be their motivating factor when hitting the gym, yet thousands of people feel this way when the weather gets better. With a good quality gym, staffed by professionals, offering a pay-as-you-go option, you’ll be able to stay fit this fall without breaking either your back or the bank.

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