The body is programmed to regulate the acidity levels naturally. However, there comes a time when the body may not be able to do so due to some flaws. In such cases, the body may be exposed to further complications, some of which may amount to death.

It is worth noting the regulation of body PH (Potential of Hydrogen) leads to healthy homeostasis. It leads to natural equilibrium hence allowing all other body processes to take place usually. It is also worth noting that over 70% of the entire body is made of fluids. The said fluids carry a given percentage of acidity, which if exceeded can lead to complications.

In most cases, acidic PH is responsible for related body complications. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the acidity in your body remains at par. Based on medical reports, human body operates at an optimum PH of 7.4. With 7 being the neutral point, it becomes evident that human body works with acidity that is slightly above the PH meter. Exceeding the said limit will only trigger complications.

How Does High PH (Acidic) Compromise Your Health?

When the body PH rises beyond normal, maybe due to the materials consumed, the body activates a mechanism meant to lower the PH to the recommended limit of 7.4. In the process, the necessary minerals in the body are taken to aid in bring body PH to normal. This eventually leads to a deficiency in crucial nutrients in the body.

Consider an instance where the body extracts calcium from the bones and excretes it through urine. This means that bone formation will either be slowed or stopped altogether. Similarly, if the level of magnesium and potassium is tampered with, you will be more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. In a nutshell, high PH levels lead to a reduction in crucial body nutrients, and this can eventually cause serious complications

How Can You Tell That Your Body PH Is Not On Par?

There are several ways in which you can tell if your body PH is balanced or not. One method of checking your body PH is using test strips. Such strips are readily available in medical facilities hence you can easily access some. They are used to test body pH with the help of saliva. It is recommended that you perform PH tests using these strips regularly since that is the ideal way of keeping your body in check. A healthy average PH reading will range anywhere from 6.75 to 7.25 and the optional PH reading is 7.36.

 What Should Be Done To Keep Your Body PH Normal?

It is evident that standard body PH is essential. The best way of restoring and maintaining the right body PH level is taking foods that are less acidic. Natural alkaline water is also an ideal way of keeping your PH normal. Hydration is one of the easiest ways of keeping body PH normal hence the need to take water with low acid levels.

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