One day, you dreamed that a kind old man gave you a fairy grass and told you to plant it. Where would you plant it?

  1. In a small garden
  2. On the desk in your own room
  3. Carry on
  4. Hide away

Test results:

  1. Starting a career before starting a family is your norm. You care about your own reputation more than your own love. In addition, you believe that marriage must be based on a stable material basis, and that if you don’t have a certain financial basis, nothing is talked about. When love and career conflict, you will give up love first, because you do not want your career to be disturbed.
  2. You are a sensible person who likes to live a quality spiritual life. It’s hard to imagine how empty and boring your life would be without reading and thinking.
  3. You think your life is worth more, or you think you’re a more important person in the world. Health and leisure always come first in your mind. You love your health and are willing to do whatever it takes. If a relationship delays your health, you will not hesitate to give up love.
  4. You have a wide range of interests and a deep distrust of others. You’re curious but don’t want your mind to be known. If someone interferes with your privacy, you will be very conscious.

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