You cut yourself and know you need to seek medical attention. However, should you hurry to the emergency room or just head to the nearest urgent care clinic? If you are questioning which level of care you should receive, here are a few guidelines that will help you determine which treatment is best for you.

Emergency Room

Filled with monitors and ambulatory pumps for sale, the emergency room is meant for patients whose lives are in danger. If you are experiencing chest pain, extreme burns, having a high fever, have a broken bone, deep cuts, have dizziness, or have fainted you need to get to the emergency room. Another indicator would be if what you might be experiencing could either require surgery or hospitalization. If you are questioning whether your symptoms are severe enough to visit the emergency room, you should err on the side of caution and go.

Calling an Ambulance

You need to consider using an ambulance if what you are experience makes it difficult to drive to the hospital. If our are experiencing symptoms that would send you to the emergency room but there is no one to transport you there, your should call 911. Medics can start your treatment in your home and keep you stable on your way to the hospital.

Urgent Care Clinics

If you have an illness such as the flu or an injury that requires treatment that day yet is minor enough to avoid the emergency room, you can been seen at an urgent care clinic. The doctors can take care of your ailment or give you a prescription to fill. The urgent care clinic should be used if what you are suffering from is simple enough to allow you to recover at home. However, if your condition is too sever, they may send you on to the hospital.

Wait For Your Doctor

If your symptoms are bothersome but you feel you can get through the night, your best option might be to wait to call your own doctor and ask for a same day appointment. They know your medical history and how best to treat you. You should also schedule physicals with your family doctor instead of an urgent care clinic or the emergency room. However, if they are full for the day, your health gets worse or the pain becomes unbearable, you should hurry to the urgent care clinic. If the urgent care is closed, you need to head to the emergency room.

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