Are you someone who has decided to switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping? If answered yes, you must have been thinking of what you could expect during the initial few weeks. In case you’re someone who has never tried vaping and this is the first time you’re trying it, the change can certainly create a huge difference, particularly when you’re an active smoker who is totally addicted to smoking. It is rather tough to change the habits which you’ve formed over several years and you also need to adjust a lot. Nevertheless, something that you need to remember is that you have certainly made a healthy decision and that once you can control your urge of smoking, you can feel much better soon after you cross the initial weeks.

Now that you have clicked on this post, we will tell you what you might feel when you ditch smoking and start vaping. Here’s what to expect in the initial few weeks.

Changes brought about to your health

One of the key reasons that must have prompted you to switch to vaping is definitely for the sake of your health. Once you ditch smoking and start vaping, what changes will you notice on your health? The experience of everyone is different and there are several types of side effects that people may face. However, there are few common symptoms and signs which lots have post 2 weeks of vaping.

As the toxins from tobacco cigarettes make their way out from your body, you might find a positive change in your heart rate. If you’re someone who used to experience a tight chest, tight throat or severe pain in your lungs at times, there are high chances that these will reduce after 2 weeks of quitting smoking. You will also get a good night’s sleep.

Will you get tobacco cravings?

The craving for getting that tobacco hit will not stop instantly. In fact, once you quit smoking, the initial few days will be the toughest as you will have brought about a huge change in the way you smoke. In case your vape pen has got a cigarette flavour, it might help you eliminate your tobacco craving but you will still be able to get that sensation. So the adjustment will take time. Nevertheless, the sense of longing for tobacco will differ from one vaper to another. While there are some vapers who totally use vape pens to cut down on their smoking habit, there are others who combine the two. You have to choose vaping only if you want it to improve your health.

Hence, it can be concluded that the first 2 weeks of vaping will be tough in case you’re making the move after being a long time smoker. Stay focused on your goal and keep rewarding yourself with other things that you love once you start crossing milestones.

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