Undoubtedly, every patient who undergoes a facelift procedure wants to get the best-looking results they can. The challenge is identifying the surgeon who can accomplish it. Plastic surgeons always have before and after pictures of their patients, but there is more to consider than the impression given by a photo. Here are the factors that define how successful a facelift procedure is:

1. The natural look

Whether you’re telling everyone you know about your facelift or trying to keep it private, you don’t want it to look obvious that you’ve had work done. There is a common misconception that a facelift makes the skin look overly tight, but you can rest assured that with modern techniques you should simply look like a natural, younger you.

2. Keeping scarring to a minimum

Scars are a part of surgery, and there’s no way to avoid them completely. A skilful surgeon will use precise techniques and well-placed incisions to ensure the scars are as subtle as possible, and there are things you can do to hide any visible scars. They are usually disguised by the natural creases around the ears or hairline, depending on where the focus of the surgery is.

3. Lasting results

There is no way to prevent future ageing from occurring. But some facelifts have greater longevity than others. A natural-looking, long-lasting facelift will focus on both the skin and the underlying tissue. When considering different surgeons, it can be helpful to read testimonials from patients who underwent the procedure years before, to make sure the results will last.

4. Ensuring you still look like yourself

You may not like the way your face has aged, but you certainly don’t want to walk out of a facelift procedure looking like a completely different person. The goal should be to look the way you did around 10 years ago, with a more youthful and refreshed appearance that still looks like you. You can get an idea of this in a surgeon’s before and after photos – make sure the ‘after’ photos don’t all look the same. There should be subtle differences and enhancements.

Every patient is unique, but the goal is always the same: the restoration of a more youthful appearance to help feel more confident. This is the result of a successful facelift, which is defined largely by the four elements listed above. With the right surgeon, you can become your most beautiful and confident self through a successful facelift procedure.

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