To remove unwanted disturbance of fats, Vibro Lipo surgery is the main remedy. Furthermore, people who are irritated with their limitless fats or who wanted to stay fit and in shape goes for Vibro Lipo surgery. So, with the help of Cannula (metal tube) fats are being easily removed. This technique is somehow simpler and easier for many surgeons to remove extra lump from their body. You can also describe it as the most advanced well known fat removing cosmetic surgery done by an experience surgeon. Find out more about Vibro Lipo cost in India and side effects. But if you don’t want to go through any surgery just for removing your fats that you can hog on some diet plan to help you lose weight.

During Vibro Liposuction surgery, in just one single session, at least 8- 10% fats can be removed with ease. Firstly, the fats tissues are broken down with the help of vibratory movements called cannula. Especially women opt for such type of liposuction surgery to look fit during any wedding or occasions. However, most of the women go for surgery after giving birth because in that time fats usually increase. The general technique of the Vibro Lipo surgery is removing of fats from the internal parts of the skin with the help of incisions and Cannula.

Vibro Lipo Procedure:

May people prefer coming down to India for Vibro Lipo surgery and most of them end up in Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurvedic treatments involve natural methods for the same and there are many Ayurveda resorts around. Wayanad in Kerala has many Ayurveda resorts that serve this purpose. Do you have any idea why do millions of people go for Liposuction surgery? This is because of the fat that has been distributed in your body that looks quite difficult to manage. And to get rid of extra pain during and after the surgery, local anaesthesia will be given. Now, the surgeon will perform a small cut on the skin area and with the help of cannula, gently the fats will be removed in a vibrating motion.

Before the surgery, you must consult with an experience surgeon and talk about all the complications. If you need to remove excess fats then one night stay in the hospital is a must. Or else if fats removal is less then surgeon will perform the surgery as an outpatient. Make sure you take a proper shower before the surgery and also not to eat for 4 hours. Wear something loose and comfortable. Do remember that leakage will happen for around 48 hours, but that is normal. So do not be worried. If any complication persists, consult with your surgeon as soon as possible.

Benefits of Vibro Liposuction Surgery:

During the Vibro Lipo treatment or Vibrolipo Brasilia, surgeons do not need to release excess energy because of its vibrating Cannula. As a result, this Cannula helps to remove unwanted extra fats from your body parts. While patients go through this surgery, pains and scars are less visible. As Vibro Liposuction surgery performs less time, patients do not suffer much from any serious complications. Therefore, the main benefits of Vibro Lipo treatment includes scar free surgery, less pain, easy and quick recovery, lesser swelling etc. So, if you are sure to go for the surgery then below we will give detail information about Vibro Lipo cost in India and side effects.

Vibro Liposuction Cost in India:

Vibro Lipo cost in India ranges from city to city and it will also vary depending the procedure and amount of fats being removed. Normally, Vibroliposculpture in India will cost around Rs 30, 000 – 1 Lakh that includes surgeon fees, hospital bills, medication bill, and anaesthesia bill along with medical test. In short, they are the most expensive cosmetic surgery in India and other parts. As it is a cosmetic surgery, health insurance is not included.

Side Effects of Vibro Lipo:

As with Vibro Lipo treatment, there is also some risk that prevails that includes;

  • Blood clotting
  • Itching when not maintained with proper care.
  • Pain may arise
  • Skin loosening
  • Bleeding and much more.

All these risk can be neglected when proper care is taken. Also, go for regular check up with your preferred surgeon to get rid of all the complications and side effects.

After Surgery:

After surgery gets over, it would take nearly a 10- 12 days to get your scars completely healed. But, make sure you move and walk slowly. After some days, shower is very much necessary and weeks later go for removing stitches to your surgeon.

So, if you have excess fats and also suffering from obesity then Vibroliposuction surgery is the preferred choice. This treatment will give you your desired body shape and size to look beautiful. If you are from India then check out our above mentioned details of Vibro Lipo cost in India  and side effects. If any complication persists then consult with your surgeon as soon as possible and get your matters solved.

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