If you have had varicose veins or spider veins in your life, you are probably aware of the emotional and medical side effects that you may have been exposed to. While spider veins cause very few medical complications, as compared to varicose veins, there are still both medical as well as emotional effects that you likely dealt with.

Years ago there were not very many treatment options available to treat veins disorders. It is likely that if you suffer from vein disorders, the generator older than you in your family also has struggled with vein disorders. Vein disorders are often genetically passed down through genetics. Many older people have varicose veins simply because they do not realize there are options available that are invasive and can remove their veins with relatively no pain associated with the treatments.

How Can I Treat my Vein Disorder?

Varicose veins are very treatable. There are different treatment plans available that are easy to recover from and take little to no recovery time for the patient. Many years ago it would have been a very intensive surgery to have the veins treated whereas today it is a simple in office treatment that can be done by a radiologist inside of their office.

Sclerotherapy is one of the most common treatments for vein disorders and allows a radiologist to treat your varicose or spider veins right inside of their office. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a foam into the veins that are affected. The foamy solution makes its way through the veins and irritates the vein itself. After the solution moves through the vein shrinks down to prevent the solution from irritating it again.

The patient may be able to see results as soon as they are finished with their first treatment. However, it is likely that it will take a series of treatments before the veins stay shrunk down to the correct size. The first treatment may be able to shrink the veins but it will take a few times for the veins to stay to size.

What is the Recovery?

 One of the biggest advantages of Sclerotherapy is that the veins can recover rather quickly. There is no big incision either so your body will not need time to heal after the treatment. The solution is placed in your veins through a needle and you leg will not need any stitches when you are finished. The treatment itself usually ranges from 30-60 minutes long. You do not need to plan a half of a day in the office, the treatment is quick. In fact, many people even return to work directly following their appointments. Some people report a slight stinging when they are finished which can be attributed to the foam that their veins are filled with.

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