Did you know that only less than 3% of the population of the United States is considered living a healthy lifestyle? That is according to statistics released by World Health organization.

I know that sounds very troubling considering how many advertisements and campaigns that have been constantly visible in television, street signs and various websites such as https://www.healthandfitnessvitality.com/.  That means no matter how much we are being reminded of how we should be living our lives, we still end up doing things that are far from being healthy and fit.

There is no blaming anyone here. We just happen to want to be happy and do what we think will satisfy our wants and needs every single day. But if we really care about our well-being and we intend to live a longer and fuller life, we should start making some adjustments with how our lifestyle is going.

What is health?

According to general definition of health in both internet and books, health is the state of being free from illnesses and injury. That includes both physical and mental state of any individual.

Why do we need to be healthy?

Most of us have probably had a very good idea on why a person has to be healthy.

  • To live a normal and great life.
  • To be free from pain of having sickness and disease.
  • To lessen our vulnerability towards agents of illnesses
  • To feel good about ourselves.
  • To live longer.

Even how enticing that must be—to be healthy, why almost everybody does not seem to grasp and indulge to that kind of lifestyle?

Here are some reasons why:

  • Temptation over everything.
  • Our need for satisfaction towards life.
  • Trying to live life as much luxury at a time.

Because we are exposed in a community with so much good (but temporary) things to offer, we neglect the importance of taking things moderately.

What to do?

What we should do is look in the mirror and ask ourselves, are we living the way we should or are we living the way want to?

You must prefer the statement “living the way we want to” because that is how our current culture is leading us to believe. That we should do what makes us happy.

What you don’t know is that when you choose to live the way you should, happiness and satisfaction comes later and will benefit you in a way you can only imagine like:

  • Having a fit and healthy body.
  • Feeling good about yourself.
  • Knowing that you are strong even with your age.
  • That you are most likely to live and grow old without having less to nothing of any diseases.

We all know that life is unpredictable and you will never know when would be your last day on Earth. That notion is based on what society has made us believe, that we ought to live our life without considering the risks. This is a very negative way of looking at how life should be.

What we should be thinking is how we are going to spend a longer life, especially with loved ones. Don’t you want to spend more years with them?

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