Amongst the various procedures that have made into the ever growing list of cosmetic surgeries, rhinoplasty has a definitive as well as important place. It aims at improving the shape and size of the nose in order to bring about the most desirable features for the patient.

Rhinoplasty in UAE  is usually considered just a cosmetic requirement, but if one looks closely, it can have really important medical applications as well, like in the case of patients suffering from sinuses and other nose related medical conditions.

Types of Rhinoplasty in UAE:

  • Open Rhinoplasty

This procedure is amongst the most extensive facial feature improvisation techniques. It involves the surgeons making an incision on the skin strip between the nostrils. After this incision, the internal anatomy of the nasal organ is exposed and the doctors get enough freedom to make any amends required for providing the suitable shaping or sizing to the organ.

This method is opted when major changes to the nasal organ are required through surgery. It helps in getting the patient rid from the most advanced nasal deformities in a comparably controlled manner to induce maximum recovery.

  • Closed Rhinoplasty

In the closed rhinoplasty in UAE, the doctor uses internal incisions to change the nasal framework and attain the desired shape and size. This method is favored amongst the patients as it does not leave any temporary or permanent scars on the nose. As the procedure is conducted at the internal level, less surgical time is involved as well as the recovery time is shortened by multifold.

This procedure is helpful for only limited changes to the nasal framework as the external skin has to be protected from any distortion due to the procedure.

  • Revision Rhinoplasty

It has been observed that several patients end up not liking the consequential results from the surgery met to them. Thus there is a requirement for a secondary surgery that could make any amends to the results of the previous surgery. This sort of procedure is also suggested to the patients who have had a nose surgery but due to any mishap, post the surgery, the organ orientation has become less acceptable.

This type of surgery includes both the open and closed format of rhinoplasty as it is meant to bring out the best consequence without much thought about the process being required to do so.

  • Filler Rhinoplasty

While others in the list are surgical procedures, this is a non surgical option of rhinoplasty in UAE. In this method, instead of making an incision to the skin of the patient, the surgeon gives some filler injections in order to bring about the required change in the shape and size of the nose. The major filler compounds are hyaluronic acids and calcium hydroxyapatite.

This type of surgery allows the surgeon to make small augmentation to the shape of the nose in order to get the desired structure. It is instrumental in getting better symmetry for the nose.

The choice for the favorable type of rhinoplasty in UAE is largely dependent on the requirement of the patient and the suggestion from the surgeon. But any of the procedures, if properly chosen and executed would yield quite good results in improving the personality of the patient in the long run.

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