Considering more women than men are affected by arthritis and that you can’t hide arthritis gloves when you’re wearing them, the British Medical Company Doctor Arthritis developed a new range of copper infused compression gloves especially for the ladies. When tasks such as typing on your computer or driving cause you pain, wearing non-invasive arthritis gloves reduces the joint pain and improves your lifestyle. And, you can be ache free and chic with the new light pink shaded copper infused gloves.

Wearing gloves when suffering from any type of hand arthritis makes it easier for you to use your hands. Little pain and an improved lifestyle, this is what you get from putting on the copper infused compression gloves. These products are a non-invasive yet efficient method to get rid of the pain and to be able to enjoy a normal functionality, let’s say, of your hands.

Doctor Arthritis’ copper infused gloves for joint compression

The Doctor Arthritis compression gloves infused with copper work by providing gentle pressure to the joints, improve the blood flow, reduce swelling, reduce pain and are made of a material containing 88% copper and 12% spandex. The new ladies line, has a delicate colour, can be matched with any other clothes in a woman’s wardrobe and is as efficient as all other Doctor Arthritis compression gloves and sleeves.

Keeping in mind the unpleasant sensations arthritis patients endure, Doctor Arthritis, found by two practicing doctors, one from London and one from Cambridge, have decided that all people suffering from this disease can benefit from the compression therapy. All of their gloves and sleeves infused with copper are designed and developed to offer support and pain relief to the suffering areas of the bodies. Their compression sleeves and gloves have a great success due to the stretchy yet tough material, due to the fact that they have the highest amount of copper, they have anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties and most important, they are efficient in highly reducing or removing the pain.

As all of Doctor Arthritis products are highly recommended by people who are using them and due to the fact that their best seller is represented by the copper compression gloves, Doctor Arthritis created the new line for ladies so that they can feel comfortable while wearing them.

The only arthritis products that can’t be hid are the gloves, all other compression sleeves can be covered by clothes. So why not wearing fancy compression gloves? Both for looks and for a better and improved lifestyle. Because ladies, we can be trendy and painless with the new light pink copper infused compression gloves from Doctor Arthritis.

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