Human growth hormone, as its name implies, is mainly produced by the human’s pituitary gland. This type of hormone is beneficial in promoting the linear progress of kids as well as in teens. When the body has already stopped growing, the human growth hormone will quickly decline and will have the tendency to become very low, most specifically in the adult lifestyle.

Furthermore, human growth hormone is also responsible for the regeneration and growth of the cells. Without the human growth hormone, there will be no increase in the bone density as well as in the muscle mass. Not only that, human growth hormone is also important in maintaining the health of the human tissue. This especially includes the important organs in the body, including of course, the brain. When the hormones get secreted, it stays active in the bloodstream for a few minutes. Although this is the case, this is actually enough time for the liver to translate it into a growth factor.

Moreover, the human growth hormone is usually used by gym-goers, body builders and athletes. They use it to feel and look more youthful and to boost their performance in their own fields. However, there are some fitness experts who suggest that there is no evidence that can be enough to attest that the human growth hormones are effective.

There are so many products in the whole world that brag about their effectiveness as human growth hormones, and one of which is the Xerendip. This is actually a man-made copy of the natural human growth hormones, which is beneficial in treating various conditions of people all over the world.

The History of Xerendip

The history of the human growth hormones is actually known since the 1920s. However, people began using it in 1963 to treat those kids who are unusually short due to some pituitary conditions. Furthermore, the use of human growth hormone is quite conservative, this is since it was in short supply. The reason for it? It is because of the fact that there was only one source of human growth hormones. And it is us, humans. The only way to acquire the hormone before is to isolate it from the pituitary glands of cadavers. This is a fact, a fractious process that is shown in all of its gruesome details. The production of the drug in this particular away has continued for more than about 20 years

Moreover, this is also the same time the somatropin, a form of human growth hormone and the main element in Xerendip was also used. Somatropin, is a form of human growth hormone which is important for the development of the body’s bones and muscles. Not only that, somatropin is also used in curing various growth conditions in children as well as in adults who lack the said natural hormone.

Xerendip as stated above is a drug product that has somatropin, a form of human growth hormone. It is manufactured firstly and mainly by PiSA Labs in Mexico. It actually does not differ with the structure of the growth hormone that the body produces.

There can be a possibility that the history of Xerendip relies on when the somatropin or the human growth hormones was started to be used in treating various conditions

So, what really is this Xerendip?

What is Xerendip?

Once in a while, our bodies do not fairly create adequate growth hormone on their own. This is now what they call, the human growth hormone deficiency. Under all of these circumstances, both the adults and the children may increase their own bodies with bio identical human growth hormones, which is actually a precise replica of what the body makes just like Xerendip.

Xerendip is an injectable type of somatropin that is available in Mexico. In fact, is sold in all the major pharmacies in Mexico. It is actually identical to the growth hormones, that our body makes or produce. Thus, you will be able to acquire all of the benefits of the human growth hormones injections.

Xerendip is an astounding product that is from somatropin. It is used as a treatment for those who have Prader-Willi syndrome, Turner syndrome, chronic kidney failure, as well as some other causes. It is also beneficial in preventing severe weight loss to those people who have AIDS, or even to treat short bowel syndrome, and some other purposes.

Xerendip was approved by the counterpart of the Food and Drug Administation, the Cofepis. This is the main reason why it is just being sold in Mexico, because the Food and Drug Administration or FDA itself, did not approve it for international distribution.

Xerendip is solely manufactured by a renowned manufacturer, PiSA Labs, which is based in Mexico City, Mexico. Do you want to know more about the PiSA Labs? Continue reading on!

PiSA Labs or PiSA Farmaceutica Mexicana

PiSA Farmaceutica Mexicana is a company that manufactures and distributes various pharmaceutical products, as well as medical health devices to both the public and the private sectors in Mexico, Latin America, and even internationally. Furthermore, their own product line includes transplants, pain therapy, infusion therapy, OTC products, oncology, ophthalmology, infant nutrition, clinic nutrition, hemodialysis, chronic diseases, peritoneal dialysis, infection control, hospital antibiotics, prescription antibiotics, as well as intensive care and anesthesiology.

PiSA Labs through all of its subsidiaries, manufactures and designs medical components as well as equipment of several fields that are related to the clinic fields of medicine, just like anesthesiology, hemodialysis, urology, nursing, enteral and parental nutrition, and technical medical fusion and peritoneal dialysis.

Furthermore, they also offer some specialized services in a hospital pharmacy as well as medical services. The PiSA Farmaceutica Mexicana is actually based in Gudalajara, Mexico. They also have distribution centers in some other parts of Mexico.


The history of Xerendip mainly relies on when the somatropin or the human growth hormones was started to be used in treating various conditions. This is since it is the main component of the product, which makes it beneficial for a number of conditions. However, if you are to avail this HGH Injections for Sale, you must first consult your doctor. Because as its history has told, there can be some side effects of using it.






















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