Road trip is a fun time for families. On a long drive, Children ride on the car and enjoy the convertible car seats.  When children are going to be hungry, car trips can be boring. Shopping of fast food is expensive and is generally not healthy. Avoid excess stops by bringing a cooler with juice boxes, water and a variety of healthy snacks and easy to eat.

Fruits and Vegetables 

Many raw fruits and vegetables are easy to eat in the car. Dried fruits, such as raisins, prunes and banana chips, are portable and well-cared for. You can cut out your own apples before leaving home, or buy prepackaged slices. Pack small containers of raspberries or blueberries other quick snacks to eat on the road. Almost all the vegetables that your kids will eat, can be a road trip snack. Bring carrots, celery or strips of pepper and small ranch vinaigrette for dipping.

Crackers and Snack Mix 

There is plenty of pre-packaged snack mixes on the market. Some snack mixes are healthy, while others are a treat. You can make your own mix of snack foods based on your family’s favorite ingredients. Cheese flavored crackers; pretzels, raisins, popcorn, chocolate candy and cereal are all items you can package to prepare a personalized snack mix. Serious Eats recommends peanut butter crackers as a good food option due to the long life of both ingredients.


Many sandwiches are portable enough to eat on the road trip. Peanut butter and frozen sandwiches do not require refrigeration, making it an option if you do not have a cooler. If you are able to pack food in a cooler, your family can enjoy other traditional sandwiches like ham, tuna or bologna. You can leave the condiments off the sandwiches altogether, or bring packs to avoid the fillings getting too soggy during the car trip.

Granola and energy bars

A quick and easy snack that many kids love, is granola or energy bars. Some companies fortify their bars with vitamins and fiber, which can be beneficial during car trips when your family can not get the nutrition, they normally would. When deciding which granola or bar energy to buy, spend time reading the labels. The Children’s Health website warns that many brands of granola bars can have as much sugar and fat as a chocolate bar.

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