A human body has many different joints in all over the body. All these joints have been made of tough fibers. These joints attach one part of a body to another part. For example, the joints of the fingers attach it with hands and the joints of a hand attach the hand with the arm and so on. In some manners, human body parts are joined with each other. These joints are also very fragile and can get hurt very easily. Some people have strong joints but some have very weak joints depends on the physical power of the person. To keep the joints powerful, it is important for a person to have food, which is full of fibres and proteins. The joints of a person start getting a week with time. Those people who eat unhealthily food start getting joint issue sooner than those people who have healthy food.

Different joints pain is known with different names. If the person is feeling pain in the lower back or backbone, it means that he has Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. This problem is very common in people with growing age. This problem cause sacroiliac joint pain. There are two sacroiliac joints in a human body in the lower back. The work of these joints is to carry the weight of the upper body when a person is walking and standing. Different people face different types of pain. Some people feel a lot of pain in their back but some people face a dull pain or they feel uncomfortable when they sit for too long or when they walk. This pain increase in nights and in mornings. This problem is very common. There was a time when people of a certain age group had this problem but nowadays-even kids complain about pain in their lower back. The reason is that some kids are involved in sports or physical activities, which are tougher than their body, can handle. Kids are involved in sports which are not good in their ages and that cause their joints to get weak.

It can appear because of some injury or fall. Sometimes people strain their legs and the pull-in leg muscles can also result in a pain in the lower back. Uncomfortable shoe and high heels can also cause this problem. if the surface where people are walking is uneven, it can also cause pain in the lower back.

There are other medical reasons too. For example, problems like ankylosing spondylitis result into a problem in the spine and that can lead to SI joint pain. Arthritis can also cause this problem.

There are different physiotherapies to cure this problem. Some doctors give different types of tablets and medication, which can make the joints stronger. Doctors also give medicine to reduce the pain. There are different kinds of gels and creams available in the market to help people in this situation. Doctors suggest different exercises to cure this problem. There are ultrasound, heat and cold therapy, which can help in this situation.

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