Mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. The list of harmful chemical elements that invade our cells is already significant and their causes more and more dysfunctions causing many health disorders. Heavy metal poisoning: what can be done to eliminate them? By a specific method of detoxification of the body called natural heavy metal chelation. This is very simple to put in place: it is done by the absorption of specific plants and the adoption of a particular diet.


Herbal medicine, a valuable aid for the natural chelation of heavy metals

These plants are for the relief of human health? Exactly! These act indeed on our different purification systems: the kidneys, the liver, the sweat glands, the lungs, the skin, the gallbladder, the intestines, etc.


Chlorella is a freshwater alga that was discovered in 1890 by the Dutch microbiologist Martinus Willem Beijerinck . Still little known in France, it enjoys an excellent reputation in Japan , where it has been used in many ways since the 1950s .

The main active component of chlorella is sporopollin, which constitutes its fibrous membrane. It has an excellent ability to absorb heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides and other various chemical fertilizers. A true natural chelation agent for heavy metals, it helps the body get rid of them by fixing and eliminating them.

The advantages of chlorella are still numerous:

  • it promotes the oxygenation of the tissuesand cleanses the intestinal flora ( probiotic effect ) thanks to its high content of chlorophyll;
  • it participates in the increase of natural defenses(T lymphocytes) and the preservation of healthy cells  ;
  • it regulates and maintains the acid-base balance of the body  ;
  • it soothes the nervous system, reduces stress and promotes sleep;
  • It lowers bad cholesterol(LDL).

The milk thistle

Plant of the Asteraceae family , Milk Thistle does not have a specific action for the elimination of heavy metals . On the other hand, it is a powerful natural purifier and detoxifier of the liver, the organ most in demand in the natural chelation of heavy metals and the elimination of toxic products circulating in the body.

The Milk Thistle also treats Diabetes and facilitates the digestion of food.

Foods that are naturally detoxifying the body


A number of vegetable fruit fibers are known for their mercury neutralizing power . This is the case of those contained in the strawberry , which are able to capture 95%!

Each grain of the strawberry is connected to the center of the fruit by a multitude of insoluble fibers, which are virtually undigested and arrive almost intact in the gastrointestinal system , where they function as sponges mercury surprisingly effective!

A blessing when you know that mercury is the most difficult heavy metal to capture. For natural chelation of heavy metals , especially mercury, nothing beats fresh strawberries . What good news for gourmets!

Peanut butter

The peanut butter is also proving to be a great natural chelator of heavy metals. It neutralizes up to 96% of food mercury through the formation of a “glue-free gel” during digestion!


The hemp protein also have a powerful anti-mercury effect. They even top our list of the body’s natural detoxifying agents since they absorb about 98% of the mercury compounds!

Endive, precious for the detoxification of the body

They fix toxic substances such as lead and mercury in the small intestine. They protect cells from many factors of mutation or alteration and help preserve youth. So lead chelation is necessary.

The pepper

Like many vegetables, pepper is an excellent blood purifier . Its richness in vitamin C, beta-carotene and vitamin E gives it undeniable antitoxic properties.


The pectin contained in the apple traps toxic materials parasitizing the intestine and evacuates them out of the body. Eat apples!


A traditional Japanese food in the form of a fermented high protein pastemiso contains a substance (zybicolin) capable of absorbing heavy metals and radioactive elements such as strontium.

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