Whether calling your doctor’s office or your bank, you’ve come to expect an automated voice on the line. Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is an ingrained part of technology in the business world. Like medical offices, IVR systems for pharmacies provide benefits to both the patient and the pharmacist.

Benefits for the Pharmacist

Doing away with the typical phone system provides pharmacies with the ability to be more efficient and provide improved patient care.

  1. IVR increases face time for the pharmacist. Instead of spending time answering a phone, a pharmacist can spend more time consulting with the patients physically in front of them.
  2. IVR increases prescription production and accuracy. By allowing a separate service to answer calls, a pharmacist can focus on the most important task of a pharmacy, accurately filling patient prescriptions.
  3. IVR allows custom phone messages for the pharmacy. These systems can be set with custom messages to educate patients about health concerns that relate to them. For example, if your pharmacy is having a flu clinic due to an increase in cases in your town, this message can be conveyed to a patient as they wait on line.
  4. IVR allows for specific call-routing pathways. The call-routing capabilities can be customized to the pharmacy and make it easier for both patients and doctors to leave questions and prescription requests for the pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

Benefits for the Patient

While the pharmacy may be focused on efficiency and production, by installing and utilizing the right IVR system, a patient can also benefit from the pharmacy technology.

  1. IVR makes prescription refills easier. With an automated IVR system, a patient can call any time of day, even when the pharmacy is closed, to request a refill on medications. For patients with full-time jobs or a list of time-consuming responsibilities, the convenience of being able to call when they have the time, improves their ability to follow doctor’s orders on medications.
  2. IVR allows the ability to leave messages. Sometimes when a patient calls, they don’t have the time to sit on hold. With an IVR system, they can leave a detailed message for the pharmacist, and the pharmacist can call them back to address their concerns.
  3. IVR can produce patient reminder calls. IVR systems can be equipped to recognize when prescriptions are low, and they will call patients to notify them to either refill their prescription or pick it up from the pharmacy if it has already been filled.

Technology has its beenfits in the modern age. The right IVR system can enhance the efficiency of a pharmacy while helping to maintain and educate clientele.

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