The Qsymia is a drug which is specifically for weight loss. It is a combination of phentermine and topiramate. This drug is used in treating obesity and produced in the form of capsules. This drug is taken with prescription for the safe usage. The phentermine is the main component in the drug for reducing the weight loss. It has the features of subduing the appetite. It has the same effects like amphetamine. The other drug topiramate is an anti biotic medicine which is used in squashing the side effects of phentermine drug. Hence, this Qsymia drug is a strong mixture used in achieving the weight loss effectively. These results are better than the people who do diet and exercise only. As the phentermine is used for reducing the fat, the Qsymia shows good results than using the phentermine drug only.

Qsymia drug – Work of Qsymia

The Qsymia drug is preferred with dosage to be taken with the guidance of the doctor. Generally, it is taken with 3.75 milligrams / 23 milligrams. As the Qsymia is the mixture of two drugs. The dose is taken in the form of phentermine / topiramate for this drug. The people who use this drug will have better and stable results with proper diet and exercise plan and doing daily with the dosage. The plan of taking the drug is also essential. It has short period of two to four weeks and long period is from 12 weeks to more as the people wish. The dosage is also increased when taking the short term plan. Check the Qsymia drug interactions here.

The patients with the problems of liver and kidney disorders, irregular heartbeats, and convulsion disorders should not take it. The people should not stop the use of drug suddenly as it leads to the illness and other health issues.

Effects of Qsymia drug

It is necessary to learn about the side effects with the benefits of the drug. The every drug has mild and severe side effects. It depends on the user’s preference to use them. But people should be aware of the effects so the user can take precautions to reduce the side effects. The side effects are swelling of lips, tongue, face, feet, hands, throat and other parts of body, allergy, breathing, and itching. The side effects include mental issues like aggression, mood flutters, panicking, insomnia and other depression problems. It has many issues regarding health like physically and mentally. The side effects are more and highly effective to the body. These will effects the brain and occur neurological issues because of drug usage. The reasons for the increase of effects may be because of the lack of dosage and taking in an irregular way. The people who are healthy will have better results with mid side effects by using the Qsymia drug. The people who have health issues should get cured and be strong when using this drug. The benefits of weight loss will be effective with the proper diet plan and exercise.

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