What is so special about the injectable steroids of MyoGen?

All anabolic steroids made by MyoGen have a purity of 99% without any filler or unknown substance. We would conduct a number of tests to the raw materials in order to ensure the purity of our end products can be kept at 99% constantly. With this promise, users can rest assured that the steroids they are taking are only beneficial to them.

Two types of injection methods

There are two different ways to take injectable steroids, including through subcutaneous injection, which is to inject the steroids into the fat layer under the skin with a short needle, and the other method is intramuscular injection, which is to inject the steroids deeper and directly into the muscle layer. You may be wondering which method to choose from, and it actually depends on the frequency of your injection schedule. If you are injecting daily, then you can use subcutaneous injection, but if you are injecting twice a week or less, then you have to use the intramuscular injection.

Why choose injectable steroids over oral steroids?

A major benefit of injectable steroids is that they are not hepatoxic. They are safer for the liver and would not cause any hepatic damage because these injectable steroids do not have to undergo any chemical reaction in order to break down and pass through the liver. Moreover, because of the ester attached to the hormone, injectable steroids have a longer half-life. Therefore, unlike oral steroids, users do not have to inject daily when they are taking injectable steroids, making it easier to fit in the busy schedules of modern life people.

Another key advantage of injectable steroids is that it would not be affected by the variables of the digestives systems of different individuals. For injectable steroids, it is easier for users to calculate the necessary amount and control the exact number of steroids they are putting inside their bodies. For experienced users, this would be a significant benefit because they would often understand the best how many steroids work best with their bodies.

Advantages of MyoGen injectable steroids

Safety is always the major concern of steroid users. To protect yourself and gain maximum benefits from injectable steroids, you have to choose from a licensed and registered laboratory with a good reputation. MyoGen would be your best choice. We practice property sanitation and filtering procedures according to the national laws. All our products are manufactured in a sterile environment, while our workers take precautions to ensure no foreign objects would enter the working environment and contaminate the products. Furthermore, MyoGen would regularly publish laboratory test results for customers to browse and check. We are also pleased to answer all your enquiries with honesty and complete transparency. We promise to keep our end product with a consistent 99% purity.

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