AED is the computerized medical-device to analyze the heart rhythm of a person. It determines the time for a shock and also delivers defibrillating shocks when necessary.These are widely available & are also portable, lighter and safer along with convenience for use.These are quite affordable and form part of Emergecenter first aid cabinet. Cause of most cardiac arrests is ventricular fibrillation that is abnormal heart-rhythm at which heart quivers or flutters and does not pump blood effectively. In case of sudden cardiac attack, defibrillation is the only approved treatment that shocks back heart to its normal rhythm and it starts pumping blood again. Heart does not permit enough circulation after cardiac arrest suddenly even with CPR performed. Use of AED quickly after cardiac arrest increases survival chances to large extent. Survival rate reduces by 10 percent with each passing minute. For this reason there must be an AED in the emerge center first aid cabinet in your office as this will enhance morale of employees, boost productivity & will also improve their sense and reliance for security and safety.


About 10,000 heart arrests occur in offices and other work places each year within United States. Just like this, workplaces all over the world do have some kind of safety measures as first aid but not most of these have emergency plans for cardiac failures. Emerge center first aid cabinet with cardiac emergency tool must have an AED due to its importance for following reasons.

  • AED are good at saving precious time for treatment. It improves survival odds due to its use before emergency-medical services personnel arrives
  • It also restores heart rhythm of ventricular fibrillation to the normal rate via electric shock
  • It is a compact, portable, easily usable, safe, light-weight and battery operated tool
  • It does not allow giving shock to victims with heartbeat to reduce risk of causing harm
  • These have been proved to be effective for saving peoples` lives in workplace and also in the public areas where there is no nearby hospital and the condition of patient gets serious with each passing minute
  • It is a proper system of management & training for workers to learn its use. This creates the difference of dealing with life and death
  • Deaths due to cardiac arrests occur every year and majority of victims die earlier before reaching hospital. An AED can save your employee
  • Care provided in initial 5 to 7 minutes is highly critical in saving lives. This care includes use of AED which has dramatically improved rates of survival.
  • Use of AED increases rate of survival by 60%
  • In emerge center first aid cabinet an emerge A center is built-in. it is solution for immediate & necessary initial aid for emergencies at offices and homes equally

Use of AED in emerge center first aid cabinet increases your` employees lives. This is important because your employees are your assets and it is important to take care of those assets.

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