If you’ve been on a weight-loss and fitness kick for several months or years, you may experience a plateau at some point. All of your initial progress from the beginning may be starting to slow or stagnant, so it’s important to change up your routine to keep up with your goals and stay motivated. Here are some smart ideas to try so your exercise and healthy living routine will stay fresh and productive.

Dress Your Best

One way you can give your motivation a quick boost is to invest in a fitness wardrobe makeover. If it’s been a while since you’ve bought new active clothing, it may be time to check out some new outfits. There are lots of fun and unique styles you can use for your favorite exercise. New clothes and shoes may give you a much-needed boost of excitement to increase your drive and motivation.

Find a Friend

Another effective way you can help improve your motivation to stay healthy and fit is to look for a friend doing the same. There are multiple benefits to working out with one or more friends. Friends can help you enjoy your exercise activity much more and hold you accountable for your goals. The peer pressure from a group exercise class can also help you stay focused into putting in the most effort instead of giving up.

Use Social Media

In addition to working out with other people, using social media can also help some exercisers stay motivated and successful. You can join a social media group devoted to your favorite exercise and post updates to your progress or simply chat about what works for you. Social media fitness and healthy food groups also help people be more consistent with those essential healthy habits. The key is to commit to posting and reading comments from your group regularly.

Try a New Activity

Next, try adding a new exercise class or activity to your schedule to mix things up and see more results. If you’ve always done dance aerobics and aren’t seeing any new progress or body changes, you may need to surprise your muscles with something different. Weight training can actually be a great way to build strength and lengthen those muscles. If you haven’t devoted a lot of time to aerobic exercise, you should look into starting a running program or working towards completing a marathon.

Change Your Plate

What you eat can also make a big difference in getting out of that frustrating plateau. Most successful healthy eaters have gotten into a routine of eating the same types of foods every single day. If you want to see new results in your body, look into swapping out one of your indulgences for something a little healthier. Small changes like this have the most potential to lead to real success.

Jumpstart Progress With a Supplement

If you haven’t seen any progress recently, supplements can also help you change things up a bit. Check out a typical Thrive experience to see how supplements could help you reach your ultimate fitness goals. There are lots of Thrive reviews to give you a better idea about how a supplement may be the answer to finally get you out of your health and fitness rut.

Get Some Tech Gear

The last way you can give yourself a big motivation boost is to look into buying new tech gear for your fitness goals. It may help to get a smartwatch that tracks your activity so you can stay focused on your active lifestyle. You could also check out other tech tools such as heart monitors, calorie counters, or online fitness classes.

Staying focused on long-term fitness and health goals can be challenging for even the most motivated individuals. These ideas could give you that little nudge you need to keep going.



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