When you have a loved one who has been abusing a substance, you need to get them the help that they need. No matter how many times they hurt the ones they love, get in trouble with the law or land themselves in jail, it seems as though nothing works. This is when you need to explore Marchman Act Services in Apopka FL as an alternative that has helped many.

What is the Marchman Act?

The Marchman Act was passed in 1993 in order to provide emergency assistance to people who have a substance abuse disorder. For those who may be a harm to themselves or others, it ensures that there is legal intervention. It starts by filling out a petition at the court. From there, there may be police escorts, court appearances, and even legal documentation. It ensures that a person goes through the necessary diagnosis in order to learn whether they have a true problem with substance abuse or not. If it is found that they do have a problem, they can be court ordered to attend substance abuse counseling, whether it is with a short-term or long-term program.

Get Them the Help

You have the ability to get a loved one at the help that they need. If they have turned down your help in the past, it might be necessary to get legal assistance. Finding out how interventions help those with substance abuse disorder can be just what you need. An interventionist will help a family compassionately guide a person through the process, which can ultimately save their life. While the Marchman Act is considered an aggressive course of action, it may be the only course of action that you have left. A person can enter into a rehabilitation program where they can go through detoxification, group counseling, and various other forms of support. They can learn how the substance abuse has been affecting their life and learn valuable lessons on how to avoid the temptation in the future as a way of preventing any kind of relapse.

Inside a Rehabilitation Program

The Marchman Act will ensure that the person with these substance abuse problem is carefully diagnosed. From there, the rehabilitation will be customized to meet their individual needs. The intensive treatment may last for weeks or even months based on their level of addiction and how committed they are to getting the help that they require. Various forms of professional help and support are available. Resources will be provided, too. It ensures that your loved one gets their life and their health back on track, even if it means going through the court in order to make it happen. Once the person in your life gets the help that they need, it will allow the entire family to heal. You may even be invited into the rehabilitation program during family counseling sessions. It can make it easier to learn how you will be able to provide support to them once they leave the program. They will need all of the help that they can get following rehabilitation to avoid relapsing. The stronger their support system, the better it will be for them throughout the rest of their life.

Establish Legal Repercussions

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Marchman Act is that a person is court ordered to attend the rehabilitation program. If they try to check themselves out or they don’t make it through the entire program, there can be a variety of legal repercussions, including fines and jail time. This ensures that the majority of people will go through the full program, getting the help that they need. Particularly when you have seen failed attempts of rehab in the past, this may be the only way to help a loved one who struggles with substance abuse.

Consider how the person you love is doing on their own. They may be doing permanent damage to their health. They may also be a danger to those around them. Rather than sitting back and watching them self-destruct, you can choose to file a petition with the courts so that the Marchman Act can be enacted. It may be the best way to get them the help that they need while ensuring that there are legal repercussions if they decide against getting the care.

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