Many women are unhappy with one or more aspects of their body. Especially after the body has gone through the great attempt of birth, there are many side-effects that can affect the well-being and confidence of a woman. There are various treatments that were invented to solve these issues or at least to help with some of the insecurities, such as ‘vaginal remodeling’ which traditionally has involved a surgical procedure called vaginoplasty or labyaplasty.

Of course, no surgery comes without risk, and so Academy Face and Body offer a non surgical alternative – The MonaLisa Touch. This is an internal laser treatment that is suitable for women who are looking for vulva regeneration or vaginal tightening but don’t want to have surgery. The MonaLisa touch procedure is ideal for women who are suffering from symptoms post child birth which may include dryness, mild prolapse, light bladder leakage or loss of vaginal muscle tone. With their help, with minimum trauma and minimum intervention, your life can change dramatically, and your confidence can be boosted in no time.

This procedure works by triggering a regeneration process of the vaginal tissue, helping to restore your vagina to a more youthful state. Improvement commonly reported by patients include a tightening of vaginal tissue, improved urinary incontinence and better lubrication.  Externally, the DOT laser can help to firm and improve the vulva tissue’s texture.

By stimulating the regenerative processes within the body, MonaLisa Touch creates healthier and more hydrated cells, improving blood supply within the vaginal walls. The acidity of the vagina is increased to normal levels and there is a positive impact on the integrity and elasticity of the vaginal tissue. The specially designed equipment – a slim, smooth hand piece – directs thousands of tiny beams, also known as DOTS of energy and heat into the tissue of the vaginal wall. It’s this delivery of heat which trigger the regenerative processes, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, both of which are essential for healthy tissue.

When it comes to aging, men are also confronted with issues that may take courage to talk about, and these may include erectile dysfunction. This can refer to

— painful and long-lasting erection (priapism) which leads to loss of pleasure in sexual contact

– Early ejaculation with the impossibility of long-term sexual contact.

As a rule, erectile dysfunction usually means the impossibility of sustaining an adequate erection during an intimate relationship in order to satisfy the partner from a sexual point of view.

Although erectile dysfunction is more common especially after the age of 65, men may suffer from symptoms at any age. It’s normal for men to suffer from time to time without need for concern, but sustained issues can be treated.

Erection problems can become a concern for the patient when it interferes with his self-esteem and whatever is the cause of this, be it physical or emotional factors, the problem can be resolved by seeking appropriate treatment.

This dysfunction is usually called impotence and may be considered a taboo subject. However, more and more men are seeking help to solve this problem, and physicians specializing in these issues help them understand the causes of this problem and thus help find new and effective ways to treat this syndrome.

Fortunately, getting help has never been easier when it comes to the ease of the procedure and the professionalism the specialized teams are providing to each patient. The PRP Procedure offered by CALIBRE Clinic only uses substances already naturally found in the body, namely concentrated blood platelets and growth factors. These are used to trigger repair and regeneration of tissue and vessels in the penis. CALIBRE Clinic also offer a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure for penis enlargement. The procedure involves the injection of dermal filler in to the penis and can be applied to the penis shaft and glans or head. The treatment will lead to increased penile girth in both flaccid and erect states as well as increased length of the flaccid penis if larger volumes are injected due to the extra weight of the penis.

Another common issue that comes with aging is hair loss, especially for men. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, from various illnesses to poor nutrition to hormonal imbalances and stress. Sometimes hair loss occurs due to a condition involving hair itself, such as alopecia, which causes permanent hair loss. However, there are many other reasons that may be the cause of hair loss in men, and some of them can even be prevented or treated. Whilst hair loss many most often be thought of a male concern, it’s something from which a large proportion of older women also suffer.

Whether it’s hair thinning or balding, treatment for hair loss consists of identifying the causes that lead to this condition and then receiving appropriate treatment.

Academy Face and Body helps you through a revolutionary treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a natural skin and tissue regeneration therapy using your own concentrated blood platelets and bioactive proteins. PRP activates stem cells and releases growth factors, which triggers tissue repair. For this reason, PRP has been used for decades in wound healing, dentistry and in the treatment of sports injuries.

Benefits of this treatment are hair regrowth for both men and women, and if needed, you can use it also for:

    • Restoring healthy cellular function and eliminating toxins
    • Plumping and smoothing existing acne scarring
    • Improving blood vessels and nerves in penile tissue, which improves erectile dysfunction symptoms for men
  • Regenerating the health and sensitivity of vaginal tissue, which assists with post-menopause atrophy and urinary incontinence symptoms

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