For West Island psychologists  and other experts in psychological health, our mental and emotional well-being is not something we should take lightly. So, how can you know if you need help, or if you’re psychologically healthy?

Perhaps you should begin by doing a self-examination. If you are mentally and emotionally healthy, you will tend to exhibit the following signs of wellness:

  1. You’re aware and accepting of your emotions. Whether you’re excited and ecstatic, or anxious and angry, you’re aware of what you feel and you accept that it’s a normal part of life. You deal with your negative emotions without being overwhelmed by them, and you certainly don’t deny what you’re feeling. You can also revel in and enjoy the good emotions like joy and excitement.
  2. You like yourself. This means you accept who you are. You’re aware of all your strengths and weaknesses, and on the whole you’re okay with how things stand. You know you’re okay with who you are when you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not.
  3. You’re compassionate. How well you treat others is actually a very good way to gauge your psychological health. The most stable and balanced people tend to be aware of the feelings of others, and they generally tend to treat others with kindness. You’re likely to lend a hand to people in need when you encounter them.
  4. You’re thankful for what and who you have in life. The people who aren’t quite healthy enough are those who focus too much on what they don’t have. In contrast, emotionally healthy people are thankful for the people they have in their life. You’re able to count your blessings. This is also a crucial aspect of fostering a relationship. On the whole, your friends and family tend to hold on to their relationship with you when they know through your actions and words that you like having them in your life.
  5. You can adapt to various situations. You don’t really know what life will throw at you as time goes on. You’ll have some good days, but some days may be filled with challenges, conflicts, and tragedies. But even with bad days you’re not overly devastated. You’re able to cope.

If you’re mentally healthy, when faced with difficulties you’re still able to consider any situation properly. You’re aware of what’s happening, you know how you feel about it, and you also know how others are affected by that situation. You can then decide how to move forward. You also are aware enough to change course when a certain course of action isn’t going very well.

  1. You have a purpose in life. Aimlessness in life is a sign that you’re not quite doing well emotionally and mentally. You should recognize your wants and needs, and then use your strengths to obtain those needs. You need a goal in life, which includes aiming to foster good relationships as well as to succeed professionally.

You need to treat psychologists like regular doctors and dentists. There’s no stigma to seeing them, because you need them for your psychological well-being. If you’re not able to display all the aforementioned signs of psychological health, then a psychologist can at least begin to provide you with the help you need to be mentally and emotionally healthy.

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