When people get referred to a specialist, it often causes them to worry. That’s because when a doctor refers you to a specialist, it could mean he or she suspects a serious health condition. In the case of oral health problems, it gets even more daunting.

But seeing an experienced periodontist is not something you need to worry about. These specialists are still dentists, except they have trained longer and specialized in the various conditions the tissue around the teeth can experience. So if your dentist referred you to one, chances are, you have a gum problem that needs to be addressed right away.

What Periodontists Do

It’s very easy to pigeonhole periodontists into just treating gum inflammations. According to experts, 32.3 % of adults aged 20 to 79 have gingivitis, so they’re mostly associated with gum inflammations and infections. They also have a relatively small area to focus on so it might seem like they don’t do much. But this is the farthest thing from the truth, though.

Periodontists can actually help you improve your quality of life and do more than just treat your gums with antibiotics. Their specialty can greatly improve your health, so if your dentist asked you to visit one, it’s best to follow their advice.

To better illustrate what periodontists are, here’s a list of what they do:

They Treat Oral Inflammations and Infections

As mentioned above, periodontists are best known for treating gingivitis and periodontitis. Due to the prevalence of these diseases, it’s not surprising that these are the most common cases for these specialists.

To treat these conditions, they perform scaling and planing as procedures to effectively remove the bacteria stuck below the gum line. They also use fluoride tray methods to deal with more severe cases.

They Diagnose Other Oral Health Problems

Periodontists also work on diagnosing other conditions that can manifest itself in the tissues surrounding your teeth. They usually perform biopsies on lesions in the gums or nearby tissues to accurately identify the problem and find solutions for it.

They Perform Medical and Cosmetic Procedures that will Improve Your Smile

There’s also a number of procedures that only a periodontist can perform to address various medical and cosmetic requirements. They often perform soft tissue grafts for receding gums and place dental implants to replace lost teeth. Crown lengthening is also commonly done to correct “gummy” smiles and give the gums the proper contour to improve its appearance.

How a Periodontist can Boost Your Health In General

Your gums may not exactly seem like the most important aspect of your body, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t impact your health should it become diseased. By addressing your gum problem, an experienced periodontist can also:

1. Help prevent infections from spreading to other parts of your body.

Gum diseases are caused by bacterial infection that can spread throughout your jaw, neck, or brain. It can also cause sepsis which is usually considered as a life-threatening condition. If you also have other inflammatory medical conditions, the spread of this infection can increase their severity. Treating periodontitis can prevent all of these.

2. Help improve diabetics’ quality of life even without a gum disease.

Most dentists also advise their diabetic patients to have regular planing and scaling procedures done even without a gum disease diagnosis. It’s done as a preventive measure to minimize the patient’s risks of having a more serious oral health problem.

3. They can help boost your self-esteem.

As periodontists can also help improve the shape your gums, they can also be of great assistance in improving your appearance. This can greatly affect one’s self-esteem which is always important in having great health.

With their extensive training and knowledge, periodontists can definitely help improve your quality of life. So if your regular dentist has recommended one, don’t hesitate to contact them. See an experienced periodontist right away to keep your overall health in tiptop shape.

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