In the list of gym accessories, one of the most important accessories is the pull-up bar. Here in the market, you can easily get different types of pull up bars. This accessory is a way to strengthen our muscles and also to shape our upper body and back. When you want to perform all the gym work out at home, then you have to make it with the complete set of gym accessories. And without a good pull up bar, it is not possible to strengthen your upper body. Even then, you have to compromise the pull-up exercise. So, as a health concerned person for a regular workout at home, it won’t be right to leave any gym accessories. So, you should buy the best one.

Now in this article, we are reviewing such a pull-up bar, which is the best doorway pull up bar. And it is the Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull Up Bar – Locking Doorway Pull up Bar/Chin up Bar with 3 Sets of Screw-in Door-Mounts (2 Heavy-Duty and 1 Medium-Duty Set), 26 to 39 Inches Adjustable Width.

Design, Build Quality, and Installation

The Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull Up Bar is having so compact design and build quality that it must ensure the safety and security of the user. This locking doorway pull-up bar is manufactured with heavy-duty chrome steel. And this extreme build quality provides the bar more durability. Besides, the extra-long non-slip foamed grips provide extra user comforts.


You can easily adjust the Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull Up Bar to fit at a standard doorway of 26 to 39 inches width. Again it provides extra flexibility to set the bar at different places and heights. And you will get the flexibility by using multiple screws of the door mount kits. Remember one thing that you need to install and use the provided screw-in door brackets.

Versatile uses

The Garren Fitness Maximiza Locking Doorway Pull Up Bar, has multiple uses. One can perform not only pull-ups but also chin-ups, hanging leg raises, dips, sit-ups, push-ups, and crunches with this doorway bar. Through the multifunctional uses of the bar, one can easily strengthen his/her back, arms, shoulders, and abs muscles perfectly.

Weight capacity

With the Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull Up Bar, you will get two sets of heavy-duty door mounts and 1 set of medium-duty door mounts. With the heavy-duty door mounts, the bar can hold the weight up to 300 lbs (recommended). And with the medium-duty door mounts, the bar can hold the weight up to 150 lbs, but in this time, you should not use the bar above waist height. Without door mounts, at the low height, you can perform light exercises (like sit up for foot support).

Size and weight

The dimensions of the Garren Fitness Maximiza Locking Doorway Pull Up Bar, is quite standard. In size, the bar is 27.6 inches in length > 2 inches in width > and 2 inches in height. And its weight is about 2.2 pounds.


1) Multiple exercise option

2) Adjustable at any place and height

3) No slipping issues for the locking system

4) Lightweight with the tough build quality

5) Easy and comfortable to use


1) Requires overly checking and tightening the ends

2) For the tightness, no locking mechanism

Final words

Now, here in this article, we provide all most every single information about the Garren Fitness Maximiza Locking Doorway Pull Up Bar that one needs to know. Now, if you are looking for a compact pull up bar, then this one will be the right choice for you. At an affordable price, this bar provides all those features which a person needs.

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