HIV is a deadly virus which attacks your immune system which fights against all diseases. It causes AIDS, and the condition of the patient worsens with time. Though AIDs is not curable, doctors can decrease its effect on the patient by getting tested early. There are several places where HIV Testing Singapore is available.

Difference Between HIV And AIDS

HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus while AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency. HIV is a virus. AIDS is a disease. AIDS is not a virus but a set of symptoms caused by HIV. AIDS patients have weak immunity where they cannot fight against simple a disease which ultimately leads to their death. .The virus destroys the white blood cells which are known as T-helper cells and takes its place instead.

Cause Of HIV And AIDS

HIV is a retrovirus. It attacks our immunity thus wreaking our vital organs. The rate of progression of this virus varies from person to person.  It depends on a couple of factors like the age of the patient, access to healthcare, body’s ability to fight the illness, the existence of other diseases are some of the factors which influence the rate of progression of this virus.

How Is HIV Transmitted?

HIV can be transmitted from a sick to a healthy person through various means. Firstly, it can be sexually transmitted. If you indulge in sexual intercourse with a person infected with HIV without proper protecting, then there might be a possibility of you getting it as there is an exchange of bodily fluids. HIV is transmitted through needles and syringes which have HIV infected blood in them. In some cases, mothers who are diagnosed with AIDs can pass on the virus to her child through breastfeeding or during childbirth. Drug abuse is another way you can get infected with HIV.

HIV Symptoms

People infected with HIV can display no symptoms for years. Some of them, start showing the symptoms within 2-6 weeks of coming in contact with the virus. Symptoms include fever, joint pain, chills, blurred vision, dry cough, swollen glands, etc.

Detecting HIV

In many cases, initial symptoms of HIV may vanish after a couple of weeks. But that doesn’t mean that you are cured. HIV is a deadly virus. During this time, it keeps on multiplying in number and slowly destroys your immunity system, bit by bit. This can go on for as long as 10 years or so. So, it is better to get tested as there are several options for HIV Testing Singapore. There is no cure for HIV but with the medication which is available in the market, the effect of this virus on your health can be reduced.


Testing For HIV

Even though there is a social stigma which is associated with AIDS, you should not be afraid to get tested. If you hide your disease, it will slowly eat you up. Thus, you should get know whether you have HIV or not at hospitals and clinics where HIV Testing Singapore is done.  Tests conducted 72 hours after getting infected with this virus will not give you any result. Usually, there are no tests available during this time frame but if you can opt for HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (HIV PEP).

Treatment For HIV

HIV PEP was shown to be 80% effective in reducing the risk of HIV infection.  After 10-14 days of contamination, you can opt HIV DNA/RNA PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test which will give you results at the end of around 1- 2 weeks approximately.  If you want to get tested after 3-4 weeks of contamination, you should go for HIV duo test. This test can provide you with results within 20 minutes or so. If 4 weeks have passed, you should go for ELISA which can take about 1-3 days to give results. If you want your results early, you should go for Rapid Oral Saliva HIV- ½ Antibody Test or Rapid Finger Prick HIV- ½ Antibody Test. This should provide you with results within 20 minutes or so. There is currently no cure for HIV but proper treatment can slow down its course of the condition. This will give the people infected with this virus a better chance at life.

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