HIV is a retrovirus which attacks the cells of the human immune system and other important organs. The virus multiply in human body and the rate depends upon some factors like the age of the victim, body’s capacity to fight against HIV, proper access to medical facilities, existence of other germs and illness, genetic heritance and other issues. This infection can progress and gradually develop into AIDS which is a severe medical complication

  • Via sexual transmission when there is exchange of rectal, genital or oral mucous fluids it occurs if one of the partners is infected with HIV. Otherwise while going through unprotected sex without any barriers including vaginal, oral and anal sex it can also happen. You must not share sex toys with anyone who is infected with HIV.
  • A child can also get infected via his or her mother during pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding.
  • Due to meticulous screening and proper precautions these days while blood transfusion; measures are taken so that HIV is not transmitted.
  • Sharing and reusing syringes can sometimes lead to fatal infections and if these are by any chance contaminated with HIV blood then it is hazardous.

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. Regular testing for HIV is important and taking HIV treatment virtually eliminates the risk.HIV is found in semen, blood, vaginal and anal discharges and breast milk but it is not transmitted via saliva, sweat or urine. Never ever use shared needles and syringes while injecting drugs. HIV diagnosis should be done as early as possible so that the treatment is not delayed. The people of Singapore can log in to or visit any nearby Singapore STD Clinic.

It’s really not good if the children are affected by AIDS

Children with HIV positive need to take some extra steps so that in the long run they live a healthy life with improved treatments. HIV attacks a developing immune system of children. So if these kinds of children do not take proper medications then their health condition will deteriorate eventually. HIV positive children may not grow as the normal kids as their growth pace will be impaired due to the virus. Diarrhea can attack them which will a problem to gain more weight. Consuming of healthy and nutritious food regularly is highly recommended along with the right treatment. Children can have learning and thinking problems with behavioral difficulties. Since they are very much prone to the diseases therefore exposure to tuberculosis can be there so having necessary medicines to prevent it is important. Similarly vaccinations are too important from getting the children to fall sick. No guardians or parents can protect the child from  catching germs .So teach your children to maintain hygiene by practicing frequent and through washing as they often insert their fingers in their mouth or noses, rub eyes. Wiping the eyes and nose frequently with tissues after certain periods of time can help keep your child healthy. Find a suitable pediatrician who is expert in dealing with HIV positive children and feel comfortable to discuss about the health issues and other medical problems. Experts are often employed at a children’s hospital or medical centre engaged in HIV programs and presentations.

HIV drug treatment can work well if the procedures are started early and it will keep HIV from causing further damage to the child’s body and immune system. Pediatric treatment guidelines can be of help to those parents and guardians in order to cure their children. Know when to start HIV drugs, which ones to start, how to consume, what are the possible drug interactions available and the side effects that can happen may be in mild or severe level. Find the right dose based upon the children’s weight and adjust accordingly if the weight increases or decreases. Even adolescents do get the similar symptoms like fever, head ache, malaise and enlarged lymph nodes. HIV actively destroys the cells of the immune system leading to a decline in the blood levels of T4 cells which are the key infection fighters. Several other kinds of infections occur as the immunity system fails slowly and new complications tend develop though the symptoms vary from individual to individual. Lack of energy, weight loss, frequent fevers, sweating excess, oral or anal yeast infections, short term memory loss, flaky skin, persistent skin rashes are few symptoms.

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