In the case of THC, the main interest of breeders and smokers enjoy the psychoactive effects that bring the consumption of the plant. However, in the case of CBD, it is of interest primarily as an effective medicine that can be used in the treatment of various diseases and ailments.

THC has some healing properties, but the greater social acceptance is precisely for the use of CBD as a pharmacological agent, due to the lack of psychoactive properties of which THC is known and which raise so much controversy.

However, CBD is of interest not only to healthcare professionals because it has the properties of a recreational substance that can be used on a daily basis. Among the many health benefits is also that strong oil can be used every day as a healthy diet supplement. The oil extract has a higher concentration of Synerva CBD UK than the plant roasted from varieties with a high content of cannabinoid. Below is the most important information on the advantages of using CBD oil.

CBD Is Fighting Negative Urban Effects

In addition to multidimensional use in medicine, CBD can also be used in combination with the burning of strong THC containing varieties. This is to reduce the side effects that some people complain about after firing too much plant. In a scientific study published in the Frontiers in Psychiatry journal, it was explained that ‘Few studies on the effects of using CBD have shown that this cannabinoid fights some of the side effects of THC, although the results of the scientific papers were not always consistent’.

The most frequent side effects of THC overdose include anxiety and paranoia, which may increase the smoker’s lack of experience and stay in a new or foreign environment. However, in some cases, the use of CBD allowed to reduce the above anxiety caused by THC by about half.

How CBD Counteracts THC

Together with THC, CBD is one of the most common cannabinoids found in cannabis. Like THC, CBD content can be significantly increased through appropriate cultivation programs that give more CBD-rich plants to produce more of this cannabinoid. Varieties with a high CBD content are treated as medicinal and can be used by burning plants or further processing into various oils and extracts with higher potency.

CBD oil becomes a drug chosen by people who complain of convulsive seizures; especially those that were not helped by the so-called conventional treatment. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence from people who claim that the use of CBD oil has produced great effects on the treatment of their seizures (or their children), and the reliability of these opinions is enhanced by the results of scientific research.

The Reports

An article in the Journal of Pharmacology describes a study in which CBD was given to people suffering from convulsions, still taking antiepileptic drugs that have stopped treating the disease and its symptoms. During the study, 4 out of 8 people did not have any convulsions observed in 3 of the 8 patients, and 3 of them reported an improvement in their health. The authors of the article concluded that CBD may have potential application as an anti-epileptic medicine.

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