We’re living in some extremely dangerous times. Even though the internet is stormed by fake news in which people are questioning the seriousness of the coronavirus, it’s obvious that people are dying everywhere around is because of it.

Protection is a must. You need to do everything that the World Health Organization suggests. Since there’s no official vaccine developed yet, you must prevent the spreading of the disease. See more about this here.

One of the precautions to take is getting yourself a face mask. Choosing one is not easy, though. You’ll find tons of options on the market. To know which one is the best, you need to follow some rules. Here is more about this issue following.

1. Make sure it follows standards

The mask choice is crucial. You can’t wear anything that comes to mind and expects that you finished the job. Particular materials provide better coverage than others. You need to choose only those who are not going to let any fluid or air droplets travel further from the mask.

The best ones are made with several filters, all providing additional protection. The N-95 masks are the best. They are specially designed for not letting anything go through them both from you to the surrounding, and from the people around you to your mouth and nose. Choosing one of these masks is the best thing you can do for yourself and the people around you.

If you wear a mask for one use, like the surgical masks, make sure you dispose of them safely into the garbage. More importantly, do not wear them more than once because the virus will get its way through the mask into your breathing canal. See more about N-95 here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N95_respirator.

2. Opt for a washable mask

Unless you want to buy new masks for every next going in public, it’s better to opt for one that will be reusable. This is great both for your budget and for preserving the environment. The only thing you need to know about this issue is that you must follow the standards rather than the chance to reuse it.

What does this mean? It means that you should make sure it’s safe, and only after that choose a mask that will be washable and reusable. On the market, you’ll find tons of products that aren’t following standard. Choose a safe one, and choose the one that can be washed and reused.

3. Wear it properly

You have surely seen those people in public who wear it under their chin or just covering the mouth, but not the nose. This is completely wrong. Doing something like this is the same as not wearing anything at all.

You need to cover the mouth and the nose. This will allow you to keep all the drops and breath coming out of your system to yourself. With it, you make sure everyone around you is safe. It is the same thing that everyone else should do. If everyone follows the procedures, the disease will be gone in a matter of weeks.

4. Still avoid distance

When two people wear a mask and indulge in a conversation, the chance for them to get infected is drastically lower. The evidence shows that maintaining a distance of 6 feet will reduce the chance of infection up to 95%. Wearing a mask and being 3 feet apart makes the chance of infecting lower by 82%.

These numbers tell you just how important it is to maintain social distance. Of course, wearing masks is crucial. If you maintain a distance but talk loudly, the air droplets can travel a long distance through the air and infect everyone around you.


Choosing the best Covid face masks is not an easy job today. We’re stormed with information from all sides that say one thing is better over another, while not being completely true. Research is key here. Make sure you do your research before concluding what’s true and what’s false.

In this article, we provided several facts that are going to help you with the research. Choose a multi-layer washable mask, and maintain social distance. This is going to be enough for your safety.

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