It is a procedure by which the arteries of the circulatory system of the body are cleaned by the application of substances that sweep the deposits of elements that have been deposited in the internal part or wall of the blood vessels especially the calcium deposited in these walls without acting on the bone calcium restoring its elasticity. It is therefore of benefit mainly in diseases due to vascular obstruction such as that which occurs in coronary disease and in obstructive disease of the arteries of the extremities and the central nervous system.

There are 2 types of substances that are used in this procedure:

The first is a substance called EDTA or Diethyl Amino Tetra Acetic Acid, which by a very slow intravenous drip performs the action of chelating or sweeping free radicals, heavy metals, toxic products from the patient’s blood and even toxic products that have remained attached. or that can adhere to the walls of blood vessels, in addition to sweeping the calcium deposited in the arterial walls increasing blood flow to organs and extremities.

It is a long and expensive treatment because it requires at least 30-40 sessions of EDTA sera applying 2 – 3 sera per week to obtain results. In addition, every 3 chelation sera with EDTA must be replaced with trace elements that are extracted or swept by EDTA through the application of 1 mineral serum or trace elements. Treatment with EDTA can have side effects. The dose is calculated taking into account the renal function and the weight of the patient.

The second, by biological chelation with homeopathic medicines that does not have the problem of side effects and is cheaper for the patient because it requires fewer sessions to get results. Chelation Therapy cost is affordable for all people and is affective process.

Likewise, through Bioenergetics and Sintergetica, the vascular endothelium and the arterial layers of the coronary arteries can be cleaned and restored, which is equivalent to chelation, without the need to use EDTA or chelating agents. This is a novel treatment from the point of view of Alternative Medicine, effective and highly economical

We offer this type of therapy to our patients and the choice of method to follow will depend on the evaluation made during the consultation.

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