The best Whisky in the world is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks and its popularity continues to grow worldwide. We are taught that all drinks containing alcohol are bad for our health but this is not the case if drank in moderation. It can help with many different health problems and below are the top 6 benefits of Whisky.

1 – Help To Prolong Life

A study carried out in 2010 into the health effect of Whiskey discovered that adults aged in their 30s and above that those who drank it on a moderate basis lived longer. The research compared the data with non-drinkers along with heavy drinkers, so if you have the occasional glass it may help you to live a longer life.

2 – Helps To Soothe Sore Throats

If you are suffering from a sore throat you should consider having a glass of one of the best whiskey products as it can help cure it. One of the most effective ways of using it as a medicine for sore throats is by mixing it with honey and warm water. The alcohol acts as a numbing and antiseptic which helps with aching tonsils. Mixed with honey helps to create a thick coating and will enable to effects to last longer. If you prefer you can also gargle or sip it.

3 – Helps To Prevent Diabetes

Alcohol consumption is can be extremely bad for people that suffer from diabetes. Recent studies, however, have proved that whiskey drank in moderation over the long term is able to help regulate insulin in the body. This can help significantly cut the risk of contracting diabetes but heavy drinking will increase the risks.

4 – Helps With Weight Loss

Drinks such a beers are extremely high in carbs and if you drink it on a regular basis you will put on lots of weight. If you do want to lose weight you should consider switching to whiskey as it is extremely low in carbs. Try lots of different whiskey samples to find out the one you like best and making the change will dramatically help the pounds drop off.

5 – Helps Prevent Cancer

One of the major benefits of whiskey is it can help in preventing cancer due to it been packed with ellagic acid. This is an extremely powerful antioxidant and it helps neutralize free radicals that cause cancer. It is better than red wine as a single malt contains higher antioxidants.

Helps Prevent Strokes

If strokes are common in your family history you may want to try drinking whiskey samples to find one you like as it can help prevent strokes. It has properties that help to thin the blood and cuts the risks of ischemic strokes. This reduction is health risks may serve a few purposes as good health will help reduce costs related to medical treatment and help decide when you need health insurance.

6 – Helps Reduce Stress Levels

Most people when they have a bad working week like to attempt to erase the stress by hitting the bars on a weekend. If you are suffering from stress you should consider having a drink of whiskey as its barbiturate effect can help you relax along with acting as a sedative to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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