Laser treatment consists of highly concentrated light beams that facilitate a number of cosmetic procedures. Lasers make it possible to carry out precision treatments that target specific tissues with minimal effects on surrounding tissue. The wavelength, frequency, pulse duration, direction and intensity of laser beams are adjusted accordingly to achieve this.

Understanding Laser Treatments

  • Laser treatments are typically non-invasive and provide a worthwhile alternative to the use of pharmaceutical or topical skin products.
  • Laser is directly applied to the skin and patients can expect a warm sensation and no pain.
  • Sessions last for varying amount of time with treatment for conditions such as varicose veins lasting considerably longer. The number of treatments that you need will depend on your condition.

Beyond Topical Skin Treatments

  • Topical skin treatments are not powerful enough to heal sings of aging and imperfections as people age. Scar removal and anti-aging products may not be sufficient for maintaining healthy skin over time.
  • For better results when restoring even skin tone or treating wrinkles and fine lines, laser treatments offer a rejuvenating effect as well as helping to deduct several years from the appearance of your skin.
  • Regardless of what your skin’s condition may be, the Bay Area cosmetic dermatology will enable your skin to regain its youthful health and restore the production of collagen through natural treatments.

Scars and Blemishes

Acne scars that seem to last endlessly and acne can return with a vengeance as time goes on. Scars do not disappear quickly as you grow older and it can be much harder to deal with adult acne. This is unlike when you were a teenager and the rest of your peers were struggling with similar skin conditions.

A topical product may offer a temporary solution but the best way to restore the functionality of your skin and get rid of stubborn blemishes and acne scars is by using laser skin treatments San Francisco.


Anti-aging serums can be useful but they are limited in their ability to combat aging over a period of time. Fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable, especially for people who are perpetually smiling. Aging skin faces the challenge of being able to naturally produce collagen.

Collagen allows the skin to maintain a wrinkle-free and smooth look. Laser treatments help to restore the ability of the skin to heal and full up fine lines naturally. The application of laser energy under the skin’s surface stimulates collagen and constricts the blood vessel to restore their functions.

Skin Tone

Spending time in the sun is delightful but you may end up with pigmentation, discoloration and sun spots while you try to get that tan or summer glow. Skin problems can arise even without excessive exposure to the sun when the skin ages. This is because the skin gradually loses the ability to maintain even tone.

Discoloration can be naturally and easily erased with Bay Area cosmetic dermatology to create an even skin tone that brilliantly reflects light. Treatments such as laser resurfacing will give you a young and fresh look without resorting to excess makeup to clear your skin. Laser skin treatments San Francisco restore and rejuvenate the skin to give you back the thick, strong, smooth and glowing skin you once had.

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