Alcoholism has many ways to get its claws in you. It does not matter how old, how tall or how much money you have. You are still susceptible to becoming an alcoholic if you do not protect yourself. A Christian alcohol rehab center has a lot of caring individuals available that does not blame the person, but helps them in ways you could not do on your own. Alcoholism is a sneaky, and evil, disease. No one thinks it can happen to them. It is easy to not accept the blame if you can label yourself as a social drinker.

Social Drinker

Many like to drink at a birthday parties, holidays, or other social conventions. Your friends are there hanging out, having a few drinks, and it seems like a great time to enjoy some drinks with friends. You always want to be around your friends and hang out with “interesting” people that you would not normally like. You find yourself trying to make excuses to get to a gathering and drink, rather than staying at home or going to see someone that does not drink.

There is nothing wrong with you wanting to hang out with friends, right? Except, after a while, you expect to drink at every gathering you show up to. Sometimes, you even invite people over after you buy alcohol, and pretty soon, you catch yourself drinking alone with no intentions of seeing anyone at all. It doesn’t seem like you are doing anything wrong, you just want to relax. Does any of this sound like you?

Sometimes we get in a routine of doing the same things every week, or every day, and we do not realize how much we are actually drinking. It is an easy hole to get yourself in and addiction can happen without you even noticing. Some Christian alcohol rehab centers see this a lot when Christians backslide from their faith. Being an alcoholic is a strong word for someone of faith, so it seems easier to justify being a “social drinker” than to admit you have an actual problem. This is a touchy subject for everyone and it takes an experienced person to help you with, what may seem as, even the smallest alcohol issues. A women’s alcohol rehab center is a great place to find out if there may be a bigger problem since they are trained to help you with many different methods that are proven to work.


Denial is a great obstacle to a person that has developed an alcohol problem. If you have not ever felt like you were controlled by alcohol, you may not recognize the signs at first. You may see the signs, but you will feel like you have it all under control. If anyone mentions a possible problem, you may get very defensive. This is a way for you to keep justifying your alcohol use. Everyone resorts to the defensive mechanism when they do not want to be the one in the wrong, or they want to continue to do what they have been doing.

This happens to so many people, so you are not alone! Many women find themselves in this position and they also found ways to get out of it. So, don’t beat yourself up, just look at yourself in the mirror and ask these same questions. You may just surprise yourself.

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