Breast augmentation surgery has become popular these days. With the growing demand of clients, the technology used for breast enhancement surgery has progressed significantly. With this, doctors work hard to make breast augmentation recovery time as comfortable as possible for all of their patients.

There are many tools and tips for remaining comfortable and stress-free when you are recovering from such a surgery. There are aids you can employ that help to minimise the side effects caused by the surgery.

Here are some tips to help you speed up your recovery from breast augmentation.

Medicines for Nausea:

It is common to feel nauseated during the breast augmentation recovery period. In the past, doctors did not recommend the use of anti-nausea medicine before or after the surgery. But nowadays, with advancements in technology, surgeons suggest anti-nausea drugs to reduce the occurrence of nausea.

Skin Creams:

Breast augmentation surgery leads to swelling, redness and discolouration of the breasts. This usually occurs because of the stretching of the skin during the implant procedure. Even though these symptoms go away after a few weeks, doctors can prescribe effective lotions and skin creams to help with discolouration, tenderness and swelling.

Anti-Sensitivity Pads:

Many women suffer from erect and sensitive nipples after breast augmentation surgery. Nowadays, doctors recommend nursing pads to prevent sensitivity in the nipples.

Scar Reduction:

Several women will have scars on their breasts created by the necessary incisions made during the surgery. Doctors recommend that patients protect their scars from sunlight. If necessary, you can wear sunscreen to prevent your scars from getting worse. Doctors also prescribe surgical tape and topical gels to reduce the appearance of scars.

Special Garments:

Breasts usually become sore, hard and sensitive after breast augmentation surgery. Special garments are recommended for patients during breast augmentation recovery time to help reduce swelling and to make the breasts look normal.  Wraps, vests, bras and foam garments are different types of special clothes that can help make your recovery time much more comfortable.

After the Breast Augmentation Recovery: What you need to know?

Even though surgeons try to make the surgery and recovery period as straightforward as possible, there are things that you should know.

Be a Patient With Patience:

Breast augmentation surgery is not a simple procedure. It requires time to recover from the surgery. While there definitely are differences in complications among the various breast augmentation surgeries, even the simplest breast lift is a critical surgical procedure.

That simply means that it has risks that may crop up if everything does not go as planned.

Talk to Your Doctor:

The amount of time required for breast augmentation surgery depends on the type of surgery you undergo and the expertise of the surgeon. Talk to your Esteem Medi Spa breast surgeon from Gold Coast before your procedure, so you know what to expect. Generally, larger breast augmentation surgical procedures are difficult to perform and have a longer recovery period. However, minor corrective surgeries often just require one week of recovery time.

What to expect from the breast augmentation recovery process

Immediately after breast augmentation surgery, your recovery process will start. It is essential to take good care of yourself during this period to make sure that your body heals properly. Here are certain things that you should expect for a few weeks after the surgery:

Just after the surgery

  • You will feel very tired and drained for many days after the breast surgery, so ensure you get adequate rest.
  • You may feel some tightness around your breast because the skin is adjusting to the new breast implants and size.
  • There may be sensitivity in your breasts and nipples just after the surgery.
  • Your doctor will prescribe breast massage and other exercises to help relieve any discomfort you may experience.
  • As you heal from sensitivity and soreness of the breasts, your surgeon may ask you to wear a postoperative bra or compression bandage to support your breasts.
  • If your breasts are very tender, your doctor may advise you to avoid wearing a bra for a time following the surgery.

For the next few weeks

  • Don’t take part in any strenuous activities that involve the use of your arms and chest, since it could increase your blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • Your breasts may remain tender, swollen and sensitive to physical touch for more than a month after the surgery.
  • If you experience any fever, swelling or redness following your breast augmentation surgery, you should consult your surgeon immediately.

Flash recovery breast augmentation

Flash recovery breast augmentation is a technique that works to lessen the recovery time and discomfort caused by breast augmentation surgery.

According to some experts, there are specific tips patients can follow to decrease their recovery time significantly. The goal is to create a sub-muscular pocket for the breast implant that results in much less trauma. Surgeons utilise heat dissection to make a sub-muscular pocket that causes a little bleeding.

When patients undergo quick flash recovery breast augmentation, they are able to carry out daily activities such as brushing their hair, taking a shower or going for a walk within twenty-four hours of the surgery.

Your surgeon may allow you to return to work just a few days after the breast augmentation surgery. However, this is not true in many cases. You may be able to move in the first couple of weeks, but it might take a month to get complete relief from the pain in your chest. Your doctor will administer pain relief medicine to stop the pain.

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