So you finally decided to seek treatment and sign up for a women’s treatment center. Before entering this next phase of your life, you will be given an orientation by the facility director or social worker on what to expect inside, regardless of whether you chose a live-in arrangement or not.

What can I expect in rehab?

This is one of the most common questions encountered by recovering addicts when they enter the facility. It’s our fear of the unknown that’s holding us back. But a day or two after entering the women’s treatment center, they will find that they got all worked up for nothing.

Although the programs vary, there are at least three staples of women’s drug treatment adopted by every facility out there. These are:

  • Detox: Not all patients enrolled in the center will undergo detoxification program. But if the doctor deemed that your body needs to rid itself of toxins, he or she will recommend this procedure for you.
  • Therapy: Therapy may vary from individual sessions or group meetings. The purpose, of course, is to get to the bottom of why you turned to alcohol or drugs. These meetings also provide life’s lessons on how to avoid going through the same path to destruction when you graduate from the program.
  • Post-care: The center will come up with an aftercare plan that you can follow as you amble towards recovery.

With that said, we will discuss the things that are prohibited inside women’s rehab centers.

What Not to Bring

  • Alcohol and drugs – These ones are pretty obvious because the center is trying to wean you out of your addiction so smuggling illegal substances may get you a hard penalty. It’s not uncommon for some people to be kicked out of the program over this violation. (Note: this includes mouthwash with alcohol content).
  • Medication and supplements – If you are under medication for high-blood pressure, diabetes or any other condition, you must tell the resident doctor about it who will then decide on the matter.
  • Sexy clothes – Yeah, there are rules against wearing sexy clothing inside the facility. So plunging necklines, short skirts and short shorts, tank tops are not allowed. Some facilities even have a rule that when you raise your arms up, your midriff should not show.
  • Tobacco and cigarettes – The center is trying to keep you balanced so stimulants are sometimes not allowed.
  • Food and drinks – Live-in arrangements already include food so you are not allowed to sneak inside your own favorite. The reason is that the facility is watching closely your diet, which is part of the detox program. It’s no good that you will just eat unhealthy foods inside the facility because it defeats the purpose of the program.

Of course, it’s not limited to these five items. There are other things that are prohibited inside rehab centers such as musical instruments, recorders, large amounts of money and weapons. You also leave behind the gaming consoles and laptops in your home. From the time you enter the facility until you are cleared to go, your every move is regimented so any extra-curricular activities are not allowed.

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