Despite the fact that Marijuana use for recreational purposes has been made legal in many countries of the world, Drug testing is still an integral part of the process of employment or employee evaluation in many industries. This is particularly true for industries where a high level of attention and alertness is required.

Quite a number of people have lost their employment or job application simply because they tested positive for Marijuana or THC. Typically, the fact that tests are conducted on very short notice makes the matter even worse.

This means you get very little time to prepare and come up with a plan to pass. You can find out more about the five-day detoxification plan on 

If you find yourself in such a situation, there are a number of recommended solutions. But first, you need to know which kind of test your employee will carry out as this will determine how much time you have and the right strategy to use.

This is mainly because marijuana detection period varies based on the medium being tested whether hair, urine or blood. Depending on the type of test in question, here are some possible plans for passing a drug test when you have only five days to prepare.

Urine Test

It doesn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of recommended techniques and plans for passing a urine drug test. It is the most popular testing method used by employers. But this doesn’t mean it is the easiest to beat especially when you have just five days to prepare. Here are some of the recommended steps to take within a five-day period.

1. Stop taking drugs: no matter the method of testing, this is a recurrent instruction. You stand a better chance of passing a urine test or any other test for that matter if you do not use drugs at all.

2. Let your body detoxify itself naturally: unless you are a first time user, it is unlikely that your body will be able to detoxify itself fully in 5 days. But this is still an essential part of the process. You can also speed up the rate of natural detoxification with proper hydration, a good diet, and exercise.

  • Buy specialized detox drinks: if you are lucky enough to find the original ones, there are a number of specialized detox products on the market. These detox drinks don’t really detoxify your body, they only cleanse your urine of THC long enough for you to be able to submit a clean sample for your test.

Typically, you will need a little over 48 hours or even less in some cases for the detox drink to take full effect and you get a window period of about 5 hours to submit a clean sample. The effectiveness of this method depends largely on the authenticity of the drink you purchase and might also depend on the level of THC in your blood.

4. Swap your urine: perhaps the best way to beat a urine drug test is not to get tested at all. Okay, maybe not literally. If submitting your own urine will put you in trouble, you can ask for help from a friend and swap their urine with yours. Alternatively, you can purchase synthetic urine online and present it as your sample. Of course, the biggest challenge is how to smuggle in your urine swap without getting caught. You will also have to worry about keeping the sample at the perfect temperature since clinics typically test the moment you submit a sample.

Saliva test

The Saliva test has become quite popular in recent times mainly because of how fast it can be conducted with almost instant test results. The only downside to this test is that it only has a detection window of 72 hours. This is good news for you if you have just 5 days to prepare.

Basically, all you need to do to pass a saliva test especially if you had a head start of 5 days is to discontinue drug usage immediately. Your body should be able to clear out any traces of marijuana or THC in your saliva within 4 to 5 days. During this time you should ensure that your drink water regularly and get more exercise. This will speed up the rate at which your body can detoxify your saliva naturally.

Alternatively, you can get yourself some instant last minute detox product for passing a saliva test. They typically come in the form of mouthwash or bubblegum and will rid your mouth of toxins within a very short time given you enough time to submit a clean saliva sample. This method is particularly recommended if you have less than 72 hours to your test. Otherwise, you can simply wait it out and let your body cleanse itself.

Find out more about saliva tests and how they work here.

Hair follicle drug test

This is one of the most effective forms of testing since hair follicle testing can detect drug use for up to 90 days. The detection period can even go further back into the past depending on the length of hair submitted. Typically only about 1.5 inches of hair is taken from the head or elsewhere in the body. This length of hair will bear a record of drug use within the past 90 days.

This means that waiting it out and letting your body detox itself will simply not work here. A desperate measure is to shave off all the hair on your body. But this isn’t recommended since it puts you under direct suspicion. One popular alternative for cleansing your hair even with just five days left is the Macujo technique.

This involves using a combination of Shampoo, salicylic acid, Liquid detergent and vinegar to wash your hair. Typically daily wash with this formula for 10 days is recommended for effective cleansing. But when you have just 5 days to prepare you can wash your hair twice daily with the solution for the next five days. This will rid your hair of toxins and the test should come out negative.


Most employers rely on the element of surprise to catch drug users. But that isn’t to say they can just spring up tests on you without notice. They are obligated by law to inform you at least some days prior to the test.

How much time you get depends largely on the testing policy in your company or the state regulations. But the time frame is typically so short that is isn’t always enough to get the drug completely out of your system naturally. This is why having a plan that works within five days is highly recommended.

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