Feeling depressed, suffering from anxiety and getting frustrated about the things happening around you means you are suffering from negativity, which eventually would lead to alot of pain. It is important for you to realize and make vital changes to what you think and how you behave in order to come out of this situation unscathed. This does not mean running away or secluding yourself from people and things that may affect you. It would just be a temporary solution. But the lesser tried and a slightly difficult but worthy proposition is to make vital changes that foster personal development. Meditation for pain dwells around this principle of fostering personal development to alleviate the pain and negative feelings you tend to experience, which will be almost permanent in nature.

Meditation and its types

Many are not aware that meditation is just not about sitting with your eyes closed and legs propped on a pillow. There are different styles of meditations that can be practiced effectively even with your eyes open and still offer the benefits such as relieving stress, making you feel alive and cope with anxiety. But Meditation for pain and one that is meant to foster personal developments offers all these benefits along with the additional benefit of bringing about a change in your thoughts and behavior.

Personal development plan or self- improvement

Personal development is the process of dwelling on all things about you which includes

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Thoughts
  • Beliefs
  • Attitudes
  • Emotions
  • Feelings

And much more. To use the personal development plan which is nothing but the desire to welcome a new way of life that is vastly different from the debilitating and painful life you think you are in. the personal development plan is a process that will direct your thoughts and actions towards your aim. Engaging in Personal development plan will open up elixir ideas and possibilities that will help you work towards it. Meditation for pain is a self-help and self-improvement tool that will empower you to lead the life you love. However, you must understand that the personal development goals are unique for each and every person.

Personal development toolbox

Having said that personal development goalis unique for each and every person, it is also important for you to understand that every individual has a set of Personal development toolbox. The toolbox refers to the skill an individual has developed to cope and steer through challenges as well as hurdles in life. It may include

  • His/her emotions
  • Strong values in life
  • Feelings
  • Thought patterns

And much more. Meditation for pain is meant to change or add tools to the already existent tool-box to bring about growth from within to handle difficult situations with ease.

Important aspects of Personal development

The important aspect of personal development dwells on two aspects which is

  • To realize and understand the tools that you already have
  • Gather tools or techniques that will help in self- improvement and change you from within.

Though there are a number of tools and an even larger number you might want to acquire, the personal development techniques that truly matters are


Scientific studies have shown that positivity is directly related to the overall health and well-being. When the positivity ratio is higher than that of negativity, some of the benefits that accrue include

  • Improved immune system
  • Decreased stress
  • Reduction in tension
  • Reduced incidence of headaches and migraine
  • Happiness
  • Satisfaction
  • Broadmindedness
  • Improved relationships

And this is not all. Activating positivity and checking that it is not affected on a day to day basis will help in personal development

Thinking back or pondering

This is the state of BE-ing. This will to a large extent help you to be aware of any negative thoughts that you might be feeling and do away with it without nurturing it.


Mindfulness is being aware of each and every moment and action in your life. This will help you realize your shortcomings and change them to bring about a positive outcome by transforming yourself.

Meditation will help you nurture these 3 important aspects of personal development.










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