Did you know that Original Medicare doesn’t cover all your healthcare costs? You’ll need a supplement plan to cover any co-payments, deductibles and coinsurance costs from when you visit your doctor that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. That’s where we step in to help you with a New Hampshire Medicare Supplemental insurance plan.

Now you have to follow a few rules to qualify for one of the New Hampshire Medicare Supplement plans. You must enroll in Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance and Medicare Part B Medical Insurance. You can only buy a policy for yourself. If your spouse or partner would like a policy, they must apply and qualify on their own.

When to Apply

The best time to buy a policy is within the 6 month Open Enrollment Period starting the month of your 65th birthday once you enroll in Part B. You won’t be charged extra or forced to go through medical underwriting if you have health problems during that 6 month period. Once the 6-month Open Enrollment Period ends for you, this window of guaranteed opportunity is over. So take advantage as soon as you turn 65 & are enrolled in Part B to sign up! If you miss your 6-month window, you can still apply, but insurers may impose medical underwriting conditions or even deny you altogether.

Different Types of Policies

The Federal Government has a standard list of policies, from A through N, but it’s not required for an insurer to offer every type of plan. They must at least offer Plans A, C, and F. For instance, Plan A does not cover your Medicare Part A or Part B deductible, but Plan C would. You can’t be dropped from coverage as long as you pay your premiums, and you can’t be dropped for medical reasons either as long as your applied during your OEP. Depending on the policy you choose, NH Medicare Supplement plans coverage goes beyond the US border into Canada and abroad.


For those receiving benefits from Medicare that are under 65 and on disability, you do have the option to purchase a supplement policy. All plans are available to you in the state, but the rates won’t be the same as they are for those not on disability. Contact one of our agents licensed in the state to find out what the New Hampshire Medicare Supplement rates are in your area.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription drug coverage is a big item for many Medicare beneficiaries. You’ll need a Medicare Part D plan in addition to help with medication cost, supplement plans don’t include coverage for prescription drugs.

Medicare Supplement Providers in New Hampshire

There are many top carriers that offer Medicare Supplement plans in New Hampshire. The area you live in will determine what providers and plans are available to you. Not all providers offer the same plans, that’s why it’s important to shop the different plans for each carrier to find the best rates available at your location.


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