A bedroom is the first place that comes to everybody’s mind when they think about taking rest. Only good sleep can help the body to gain strength and boost energy for the next day. If you do not have a good mattress in your bedroom, then getting good sleep can be difficult. Not every manufacturing company provides a mattress that can meet the requirements of the customer. We at Wakefit conducts the required test of each mattress and make sure that the need of the customers is fulfilled. As customers, it is important that you make a thorough research about which is the best company that can give you the right mattress you are looking for. Below are some features of buying mattresses from Wakefit.


When you go for mattress shopping, you may have a budget in your mind. Wakefit offers mattresses that fall under different price ranges and are of higher quality. Mattresses of affordable prices are one of the important factors that make Wakefit mattress a favourite among other products.


It is important to have the right mattress that supports your body and spine. So when you do online shopping for a mattress, make sure that you go for memory foam mattresses. A firm mattress can keep your body posture in the right way. Too much soft mattress can do bad rather than good. So when you select the mattress, give importance to the mattress which can provide full body support. At Wakefit, they design the memory foam mattress and makes each mattress which can give proper support to the body. Memory foam mattresses from Wakefit can be used for a long time without having any issues.


When you plan to buy a mattress, keep in mind that it is for long term use. You cannot simply waste your money on a low-quality mattress that is not durable. Density has an important role when it comes to the durability of a mattress. Wakefit uses high- quality materials to make a mattress so that it can have long durability.

Pressure Point Relaxation

Do you experience pain in the neck or back? If the answer is yes, then it is time to buy an orthopaedic mattress. Wakefit has researched and used the most modern technology to make its high-quality foam mattress which helps to keep the body straight. The memory foam mattress divides the body weight evenly so that you get relief from neck and back pain. Medical professionals also recommend the same mattress to people who suffer from severe back pain and spondylitis.

The Return Policy

The best thing that online shopping offers is the return policy. The same rule applies for the mattress as well. Many manufacturers follow the return policy and urge their customers to buy the product and use it. If they are not completely satisfied, they can return the product. Wakefit also gives this privilege to its customers. Unlike other manufacturers, Wakefit offers a 100- day trial period. If you do not feel satisfied after using the mattress for 100 days, your money will be returned. Wakefit happens to be the only manufacturers that gives this much days for a customer to decide.

Warranty Period

Wakefit offers a warranty period of 20 years. The lifespan of a mattress is normally 7 years. The high-quality materials used to make Wakefit mattress can extend the life span of a mattress to 10 years if handled properly. The mattress starts sagging by constantly sleeping on the same side. So it is recommended that you rotate the mattress every month.

Sleeping is a process that cannot be compromised as any changes to this process can affect your health adversely. Wakefit can help you in finding a good mattress and other bedding accessories so that you can get a peaceful sleep.

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