Did you know that your sexual pleasure may be enhanced with period sex? Read on to know more about period sex, how it alleviates discomfort, and whether it can get you pregnant.

Monthly periods are messy and sometimes painful. You just want to be left alone during this time. So, you might be irritated further if your partner suggests having sex while you’re still on your period.

But wait – it’s a good idea to have sex when you’re menstruating. Keeping aside the obvious aspects of the act being really messy for both of you – and the bed! – it can help alleviate the pains and cramps you experience during the menstrual cycle. Plus, it can up the ante on your sexual pleasure as well.

Will sex during your period make you pregnant?

Yes and no.

Couples prefer to go without a condom when the woman is menstruating. They reason that they’re hardly going to cause a pregnancy during this time. However, the timing for sex is important: sperms can remain active in the vaginal canal for up to 5 days. So, if your period has ended (i.e. you’re in the spotting stage), your fertile window begins again in a few days. The chances of pregnancy are slim, but they exist.

However, sex on the first three days of your period should be fine, since the ovulation process does not begin for at least another week or 10 days.

Just be on the safe side and wear a condom for sex during your period. It will increase your sexual pleasure (choose a dotted or ribbed variant) as well as keep you safe.

Sex during your period can be helpful…

The idea of having sex when you’re bleeding may be repugnant to you and/or your partner. But if you’re up for it, then you should know that having sex during your period can actually help you:

  • The contractions you experience during orgasm help relax the uterus. This is great for women who suffer from cramps and abdominal pains during their menstrual cycle.
  • The orgasm also forces out more blood from the vagina. There is a chance that your period might end early with sex, since there is just a finite amount of discharge that the body is waiting to expel.
  • Your nerve endings inside the vagina and near the cervix are extra sensitive during your period. So, your sexual pleasure may be increased with period sex, leading to better orgasms.
  • You don’t need to use lubricant for sex when you’re on your period – your vaginal canal is already lubricated with the period discharge. However, rough sex is not recommended during this time, since you might already be sore and sensitive from the period.
  • Your partner should wear a condom when you’re having sex on your period. This keeps your partner clean, and you do not have discharged semen mingling with the period blood inside your body. Plus, you can choose a dotted/ribbed condom to enhance sexual pleasure during the act.

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