Life today is full of fads and fetishes. Is yoga such a temporary obsession or does it have any real benefits?

Everyone seems to be deep-down into yoga these days. The young and old are off every morning or evening brandishing a yoga mat cover or bag in their hand to do their daily yoga. But does performing yoga regularly help one improve oneself? Let us check.

Performing Yoga Regularly to Improve Yourself

Yoga is a holistic discipline that helps to regulate the body, control the mind and provide spiritual oneness. Regular yoga performance for just 15 minutes can do wonders for your body.

  1. Yoga Corrects Posture and Improves Body balance

Many of the body ailments like back pain, sciatica, cervical spondylosis etc are all due to improper posture.  A straight and erect posture with the head held high and the backbone upright improves oxygen flow and circulation to all the parts and stimulates the nerves. This helps in active metabolism and promote physical fitness. A correct posture also maintains body balance and help to prevent slips and falls. Yoga helps to correct posture, retain body balance and regulates the metabolism of the body.

The yoga mat is the ideal accessory to keep your back straight and cushioned while you do your yogic exercises. Always keep the mat in its yoga mat cover to keep it dirt and grime- free.

  1. Yoga Boosts Energy

Yoga insists on proper breath control during its exercises. Every Yogic pose is done only along with inhalation and exhalation. Proper breath control enhances the oxygen intake into the body and ensures its full circulation to all the body parts. With abundant oxygen flow, the cell gets revived and the body is energized. So, with just 15 minutes of Yoga every day, you can stay active and energetic all day.

Get started for your yoga by taking out the yoga mat from its yoga mat cover, spreading it on the ground and begin with Surya Namaskar.

  1. Yoga Removes Toxins From the Body

Yogic exercises are intended to eliminate the bad waste and toxins of the body. Every yogic pose liberates the waste carbon dioxide from the air we breathe and expels sweat from our body. Yogic poses also stimulate the digestive parts and enable complete digestion and easy excretion. Thus, doing Yoga every day keep your body light and free of toxins and waste throughout the day.

Using a yoga mat cover will only help you to keep sweat, dirt, and toxins away from your body as the breathable yoga mat cover aerates the mat and keeps it dry.

  1. Yoga is a Great Stress-Buster

The main advantage of yoga is that it does not address the body alone but also the mind. The breath control exercises practised improve oxygen flow to the brain, relaxes the mind and calm the nerves. All thee bring peace of mind and solace to the yoga practitioner in today’s stress-driven world.

Take out our Yoga mat from its protective yoga mat cover, lie down on the mat in Savasana, breathing deeply to relax and soothe your mind.

  1. Yoga For More Focus

Competition is fierce in today’s goal-centric world. Everybody wants to outwit others and stay ahead. This requires sharp thinking and better focus. Yoga helps us to think clearly by increasing oxygen flow to the brain and stimulating the nerves. Our cognitive function improves with breath-control during yoga and we become more mindful and focussed in what we do. Yoga also alleviates stress and help the brain to concentrate better.

The right way to do Yoga is to lie down on a yoga mat, take a deep breath and start doing the steps one-by-one.  Always keep the Yoga mat covered in its yoga mat cover to help retain its durability and purpose.

Yoga must be ingrained into our daily routine and made part of our morning or evening schedule to help us improve our health and fitness. Your daily routine of Yoga requires 15 minutes of your time, comfortable yoga clothes, a yoga mat, a yoga mat cover and above all, the determination to do yoga daily.

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