The hair transplant procedure can be performed in both men and women, depending upon the case of hair loss and the state of health to receive the particular procedure in terms of availability of the donor area and their suitability to perform the procedure. It is very much important that you must have the eligibility criteria to receive the procedure, meaning you must older than 25 and have sufficient and stable donor portion, i.e., the occipital & parietal part of the scalp in a well and good position.

The Androgenic alopecia or genetic baldness leads to the case of male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness respectively, for which the hair transplant procedure is recommended by the expert surgeon of the plastic & the cosmetic surgery. It is recommended to receive the procedure only from the expertise and qualified Surgeon who has both the expert & experience in the same field for many years. It is not allowed to get the procedure if you are at a very young age, but it is recommended in the case of an especial desire to have a dense-packed hair, particular hairstyle needed by some professionals, or a woman affected by the wider forehead, the hair transplant is allowed only if you meet the eligibility criteria to receive the restoration.

As far as women hair loss is concerned, the women only show the diffused thinning of hair, whereas the male shows the complete baldness with the receding hairline at the temples as well as the thinning of the crown. So, when we talk about the need for a hair restoration procedure, it can be allowed in both the genders, but with a different pattern of aesthetic design and result. The women have generally the round forehead and according to that, the expert Surgeon makes the hairline design to meet the aesthetic goal of the procedure. The male has an M-shaped frontal hairline and the hairline design is done with the view of attaining the aesthetic concerns by the expert hair transplant Surgeon.

Hair Transplants in Women

It is a very peculiar as well as a common to get the hair transplant procedure by a lady who is born with the wide forehead or affected by the diffused thinning of hair from the top area of the scalp. So, the restoration of hair is recommended by the Surgeon to regain their original and aesthetic beauty.

The procedure technique, step and style are all same in the female hair transplantation like the male hair transplant, except the hairline design-making step that differentiates between the male and female pattern of hairline as according to the natural and original growth. The expert Surgeon understands this and gives a special concern while doing so! The women who are affected by the Androgenic alopecia due to their family history can go to the hair restoration procedure to re-achieve the aesthetic beauty and in some of the special cases; the females affected by the wider or broader forehead also go for the same to achieve the aesthetic hairline design after the restoration surgery.

How Female Hairline Design is different from the Male hairline design

The round-shaped Hairline in Females

The female has a round-shaped hairline design naturally and at the time of implantation of grafts/hair follicle, a Surgeon must consider this fact that the regrowth should match the natural pattern of the hairline. This is one of the complicated jobs in the implantation process to implant the grafts as according to the original growth and that’s why it is recommended to take the procedure only from the expert Surgeon who has both the experience & excellence in the same field and have done many cases of the female hair transplant. The hair transplant in Delhi offers you the best Surgeon and the Clinic that giving you the best treatment at an affordable cost of the procedure.

Wider Forehead a special case in the Hair Restoration

The hair transplantation is the process of moving the genetically resisted (DHT-resistant) hair roots from donor area to the recipient bald area in which the step of hair roots harvesting is done either by the FUT or an FUE technique. The procedure goes through the step of the strip harvesting or hair root extraction, slit making, hairline design, graft dissection, and finally the hair roots implantation that has a motto to cover the bald area with the live hair follicles by the regenerating of hair.

With the view of reducing the wider foreheads, the hair transplant procedure is allowed by the Surgeon, in which they implant the hair follicles by the same process of a normal hair transplant to the area where it is needed to implant. The wider foreheads have been successfully covered or reduced by the expert hair transplant Surgeons in India and women who are affected by the problem are receiving the procedure of hair restoration success.


On the whole, we can say that the hair restoration is not only to get over the problem of baldness in men, but it is also allowed to groom your personality and enhance your beauty regardless of gender, profession, and the need of the procedure for a special concern.

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