You might have heard of stories about how people became ill due to the use of phones. Others have shown symptoms like dizziness, and radiation is the likely culprit. This sounds scary, but it does not mean you have to stop using your phone. Phones are still important, and you use them for many reasons. There are things you can do to protect yourself while using your phone.

Don’t use it too close

Keep it at a distance when reading information on your phone. If not in use, don’t place it in your pocket or bra. Even if it is not used, it still continues emitting radiation which is harmful. There are studies revealing that phones placed in bras have resulted in breast cancer. The only time when it is safe to place the phone close to you is when it is in airplane mode since it ceases emitting radiation at that point.

Talk on speaker or use headphones

Given the available technology today, there is no need for you to place the phone near your ear while speaking with someone. You can put it in speaker mode, so you can keep talking without placing the phone close to you, and still hear the person you are having a conversation with.

Turn the phone off more often

When not in use, just turn the phone off. Radiation is not emitted when it is off. Besides, there are instances when you just don’t want to be distracted from what you are doing. Turning your phone off could help you focus more. The exception though is when you are charging it while it is off. You should still place it away from you when charging, just to be safe.

Stay protected

If you really can’t help it and you want to use your phone, just use cell phone radiation protection. This protects you against radiation emitted by your phone. This is also true for other radiation-emitting devices. There are people whose job is to work in front of the computer all the time. Since you can’t let go of your source of living, you just need to protect yourself using this device.

Protection can come in many forms, like jewellery. You can wear it or place it in your bag. With the help of these protective devices, radiation won’t penetrate your body. You can take a look at infrared photos showing the difference between a room where there is high radiation and low radiation. The difference is the presence of protective devices.

Again, you don’t need to sacrifice the use of your phone just because you fear radiation. You just have to be careful when using your phone and be smart enough not to do things that could potentially harm you. If you exhibit symptoms, see your physician to prevent the illness from getting worse.

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