Selecting suitable blinds for your window needs special skill for taking exact measurement. If your measurement is not correct then there can always be little mismatch between your windows and the blinds.

Choose your style first

It is important for you to decide what style you prefer for your window blinds. The method of measuring different style of blinds will not be the same. Style will be selected by you based on the d├ęcor of your room and the design of your window. You may select either traditional design or any contemporary design so that it may complement with the style of your room. You may refer different magazines and catalog to decide right kind of design of your liking.

Having selected the design for your blinds, it is more preferable to call the installer to take the measurements of your windows before they make the blinds. There is always certain allowance required based upon the design of your windows so that it can perfectly blend with your windows. Following are few good reasons of taking professional measurements –

  1. Professionals will not just take the width and length of your windows, but they also take note of architectural features and other accessories used in the windows.
  2. They will also consider the existing drapery rods and decide whether they should be retained or not.
  3. They will consider if there is any additional hardware requirement in order to blend the blinds with the windows.
  4. They will also observe all the corners of the windows including your Window Accents and Flooring and provide necessary allowances if needed.

Why it is more preferable to install with the help of a professional installer?

In case, your windows are of standard size then you can get readymade and cut blinds available, which are much easier to install. In case of standard windows, you can install the windows all by yourself.

However, in most of the houses the windows are not of regular size or standard. Hanging window blinds is not a make shift arrangement that you will put for some time and then dismantle it. This is going to remain permanently and will be regularly operated by opening and closing them. Therefore, it is better to call any professional installer. Following are few reasons for calling professional installers –

  1. They are regularly doing this work and hence can do a professional job.
  2. They have all the necessary tools and skills to do such jobs.
  3. They will make sure that after the installation of blinds it can be opened and closed smoothly.

These days, there are many suppliers coming out with very innovative design of blinds that are quite easy to install. Many of such blinds are quite flexible in design and you may not need the help of a professional to install them. However, they are too costly for any home use and are mostly preferred for offices and corporate sectors.

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