There was a time when cannabis was regarded as an illegal drug for it made people high. However, it was found that cannabis and hemp plants abounded in various kinds of health benefits and had great healing and therapeutic effects. These hemp and cannabis plants contain various kinds of components out of which cannabinoids need special mention. Now, CBD, which is also known as cannabidiol is a popular kind of cannabinoid and is being used for medicinal purposes. After the legalization of cannabis in majority of states in USA, various kinds of CBD products have gained immense popularity with people. Infact by the end of 2020, it is estimated that CBD will be almost $22 billion industry. With increasing demands amongst customers, various kinds of CBD products are being manufactured by various companies. Among the different varieties, CBD vape products need special mention.

Industrial hemp is used for extracting CBD and then this CBD is processed for oils and tinctures, topical treatments, edible products and also for inhalation products like CBD vape oil or vape juice. Among the different varieties, vape juice is the easiest and most enjoyable formats for consuming CBD. Vaping CBD comes with its own set of benefits. Read on to know on these benefits:

  • Great for people who are always on the go – For vaping CBD, one needs to have a vape pen. It is a small pen-like device, which can be conveniently carried in your pocket everywhere. People who travel frequently and are almost always on the go prefer vaping CBD. Just the portable device needs to be filled up with vape juice and you are good to go. There is practically little or no smoke with vaping and there is no smell as well. Carrying vape products is convenient when compared to carrying other varieties of CBD products.
  • Highest bioavailability with vaping CBD – Buying CBD edibles and gummies is popular, but if you buy CBD oil for vaping, it is the most effective due to its bioavailability. Let us explain what is meant by bioavailability. It is the rate at which any kind of drug which is administered in the body takes for absorption in the circulatory system of the body. Better bioavailability means that the drug gets absorbed in the body at a faster rate. CBD edibles and oils take almost 1-2 hours before the effects start kicking in. However, with vaping, the body absorbs almost 30-50% of CBD quickly. When vaped, CBD gets absorbed through the bloodstream directly while other CBD products enters through the digestive system. People who suffer from panic and anxiety attacks or sudden pain flare-ups gain greatly from vaping CBD oil.
  • Good taste while vaping CBD – CBD vape oils come in wide range of flavors and are not like hemp. The taste of hemp is not liked by everyone. However, CBD oils for vaping come in many flavors and tastes. Right from fruity flavors to dessert flavors, you can enjoy everything. The best thing is that you can reap the benefits of CBD while enjoying the great tastes and flavors of the vape juice.
  • It is convenient for dosage adjustment – Whether you enjoy full spectrum CBD vape or CBD isolate vape, using the right dose is important. However, getting the right dose might be quite difficult for you and will need loads of trial and error. With vaping, it is easier to control the dose and increase the same incrementally if needed. Generally CBD edibles like gummies or capsules or softgels come with a fixed amount of CBD. Adjusting the dosage in this format is difficult. CBD vape dosage calculator is also available if you need to adjust and monitor your dose of CBD vape.
  • There is no THC in CBD vape juice – Majority of CBD vape juices are completely free from THC. This means that you will not feel high in any way after vaping CBD. Rather you will feel relaxed and experience a calming effect. Mainly CBD isolate and natural flavorings are used in these vape juices for best results.

Now that you know the reasons why CBD vape products are popular, it is time to switch to these from other CBD products. Choose your preferred flavor of the vape juice and enjoy great vaping experience!

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