“No, lactoferrin powderis notsome sort of new drug to help cure diabetes that major pharmaceutical companies have come up with!  Lactoferrin powder is a protein that is naturally found in human breast milk and cow’s milk.  The lactoferrin powder benefits are humongous.  This article will explain some of them.  So read further if you want to learn more about this ‘miracle’ powder that is increasingly being used by many as a medicine!

lactoferrin powder benefits

Many people love the lactoferrin powder benefits they get from this unique milk protein.  They are listed below:

  • One useful benefit is a boost to the immune system.  Indeed, lactoferrin powder contains many key elements that naturally bind with protein in the human body when ingested.  This is what helps it strengthen the immune system.
  • However, lactoferrin powder benefits go well beyond this.
  • Lactoferrin powder contains many key antioxidants that are believed to be effective in helping to fight off infections.
  • For example, some studies reveal that people who take extra amounts of lactoferrin, either in powder or milk form, are less likely to develop Hepatitis C.  Those who do develop Hepatitis C have an easier time fighting and getting rid of this potentially deadly infection. 
  • Lactoferrin powder is believed to help increase interleukin-18 levels.  This is a natural protein found in the immune system that gives it its germ and disease-fighting strength.  The interleukin-18 protein then stops the virus that causes Hepatitis C from multiplying in the human body.

Lactoferrin powder may be more effective than Proactiv

One of the more interesting lactoferrin powder benefits is the ability to fight acne.  Indeed, this powder may be more effective than over-the-counter medicines like Proactive and Biore, or their stronger prescription equivalents in fighting the virus that causes this annoying facial condition.  Nutrition magazine published a study in 2010 that stated that there was a strong correlation between people consuming fermented milk containing 200 mg of lactoferrin a day and not developing acne. 

The people who took the extra lactoferrin had much less acne.  Additionally, the acne that they did develop was markedly less severe than that of those who did not consume the extra lactoferrin.  Interestingly enough, people who took extra lactoferrin also produced significantly lower levels of sebum.  They also had much lower levels of triacylglycerols on their faces.  Triacylglycerol is a type of fat that is unique to the face.

Lactoferrin powder benefits are extensive

Lactoferrin powder benefitsare extensive like Oyster peptide.  They go well beyond the ability to prevent and lessen the extent of acne and Hepatitis C.  Lactoferrin powder has been shown useful in helping to prevent the dangerous condition of thinning bones in the elderly (osteoporosis.)  It is indeed clear that lactoferrin powder can keep the doctor away!

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