In the midst of fast-moving materialistic lives, it is easier to lose your smile. Most of the times we forget about the positive aspect of an incidents and follow the path which leads to negativity and close doors. When I am feeling down and un-happy, I simply recall all those things which make me happy. To convey my message to you and all those who want to stay happy in all situations here are some reasons to stay happy in all situations.

  1. you are matchless

There are more than 7.7 Billion people in the world according to United Nations estimate and none of them is exact copy of you. You are unique and matchless from your eyes to your finger prints. You are in this universe because you are meant to be here and you have your specific place in the puzzle, without you this world would have been incomplete.

  1. Nature wants you to be happy

One of the biggest reasons to stay happy is that nature wants you to be happy. From beautiful sun rise and sun set, twinkling stars and mysterious moon, fresh water lakes and deep see creatures, each and every thing is created to make you happy. All these creations are related to your happiness so take full advantage of that and never let yourself get down.

  1. People love you

A lot of people feel bad when they are alone. It happens in every one’s life when he is alone and worried about how people behave. There is simple rule to keep yourself happy in a relationship and that is to stay close to those whose presence make you happy. Avoid those who hurt you. Your family is the biggest source of joy and you just need to make them happy. Keep in mind that you can’t make everyone happy. Whenever you feel heart broken, remind yourself that there are sincere people in your community who love you and want to see your smile.

  1. Humanity is Love

There is no bigger religion than humanity, and every great cause is supposed to benefit humanity. Do good and have good, but never expect anything in return if you have helped anyone. Believe in your abilities and love humanity. One day or the other you will reach the ultimate glory that is happiness from the core of your heart.

  1. Everything is temporary

if you are suffering from some disease or situation that is troublesome, keep in mind that everything is temporary. Neither sadness, nor the happiness can stay forever. So why you want to be unhappy for a temporary thing? There is no ailment in the world that doesn’t have cure. For example, if you are suffering from back pain, diabetes, erectile dysfunction or any other disease and your matrimonial life is disturbed, just visit your physician. He has a solution for your every problem. Mostly, the cure starts from simple medication. In case of erectile dysfunction, your doctor will thoroughly check you and recommend some medicine like Viagra and Cialis that will help you stay away from ED. Once prescribed, you can easily buy these pills online with full privacy and without any hesitation. No need to worry about any disorder as it will only create problems in your mind. Focus on the positive part and move towards light to stay happy.

  1. You are Alive and Breathing

You need to visit graveyard very often if you want to be happy. Read aloud the names of all those men and women who are no more. Imagine how honorary and rich they were but now they are under ground just a tombstone is there to represent their success. Say thanks to God because you are still alive and breathing.

  1. You are Beautiful so are your Dreams

Man is the most dynamic and complicated creation by God and foremost it is the most beautiful as well. There is no other animal on the earth who has a brain like you. There is no other creature on the globe who has an ability to transform to any environment as you are. So, dream big and follow them to stay happy. Life is very beautiful, never waste it in depression and stress. Enjoy each and every bit of it and never let the sadness enter your realm.

By Admin