If you are always on the go then you will know that one of the most uncomfortable experiences while travelling is sleep. Be it in a car ride, train, bus or even an airplane often you miss sleeping on your comfortable mattress. One of the ways of overcoming this discomfort is to use a travel pillow and other products that can act as a tool for your comfort. An ideal travel pillow should provide support to the neck and head so that you can sleep even in uncomfortable and cramped places.

Benefits of using a travel pillow

  • Support: Like mentioned earlier a travel pillow is designed in such a way that it offers support and comfort to your head and neck. Even if the seats that you are travelling has headrest it may not be comfortable or some people can hardly reach it, at such times having a travel pillow will allow you to have a restful and comfortable journey.
  • Acts like your normal pillow: A travel pillow is made from different materials and to get the best possible comfort and to get the same feel as your usual pillow memory foam travel pillows are a perfect choice. It adjusts to the shape of the neck and adapts to all the movements you make. This memory foam pillow online is the best travel mate you can think of.
  • Goodbye to stiff neck: While travelling the seats are usually cramped and most of the times you are unable to move due to space constraints. In such situations, the travel pillow which has side supports will help you rest on the sides so that you can sleep comfortably and wake up without a stiff neck.
  • Protects the cervical spine: The spine has a natural curve and when it is disturbed due to sleeping or keeping it in an awkward position, it can lead to stiffness and pain. By using a travel pillow the natural curve is maintained and the head and neck area is in the right position giving a restful pain-free night.
  • Easy to carry and maintain: These travel pillows are easy to carry and can be fixed to the backpack as it is lightweight. Some pillows come with external covers which are washable, so maintaining it is easy.
  • Reduce snoring: Snoring is usually caused when there is an obstruction in the airways. It can also happen when you are sleeping in a bad posture. Using a neck pillow ensures you sleep in a position that can aid in proper breathing during sleep and reduce snoring.

How to choose the perfect travel pillow?

Just like how there is a mattress buying guide to help pick the right bed, there are travel pillow buying guides too which help you choose the perfect neck pillow. Some of the factors to consider while buying are:

  • Shape: Neck pillows come in different shapes but the best is the U-Shaped pillow and it offers the right support to the head and neck.
  • Filling: Like other pillows, these also have various types of filling but the memory foam is the most loved by people as it takes the shape of the neck and gives the most support.
  • Washable: Look for ones that have an external cover so that it can be washed often.
  • Size: It should be lightweight and easy to carry while travelling.
  • Adjustable: Look for neck pillows that are adjustable so that it fits the neck perfectly. Travel neck pillows from Wakefit come with an adjustable strap so that it does not move while you are sleeping.

Getting a good night’s rest is important whether you are travelling or at home. A travel pillow is a good companion to have not just while you are on the go but even at home as it can help in sleeping in the right posture.

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