If you are looking for a high-yielding automatic cannabis strain then the Gorilla Glue Strain is the best you can think of. It not only is high-yielding and automated but has a ton of medical applications, making it one of the best cannabis strains out there. If you live in an area with shorter growing seasons then this is exactly what you want as this species thrives in such conditions. Moreover, the Gorilla Glue Strain is also helpful in creating the right kind of concentrate, like hash, due to its sticky nature.


What all are the top Medical applications?

The top medical applications of Gorilla Glue Strain are to improve conditions of glaucoma, nausea, MS and epilepsy. In addition to all this, it also helps in relieving pain in conditions like PMS, headache, migraine, rheumatism, sickle cell, back pain and so on. You just need to identify the right dosage for the condition you are suffering from. With so many medical benefits, it is one of the best cannabis strains that you can get through an online site.


What are the dominant origins?

There is no real dominant origin in this type of seed, with both Sativa and Indica having equal constituents. It also has Ruderalis Hybrid, which is helpful in many ways to improve the number of medicinal and other qualities it has.


Is the aroma and flavour good enough?

For any kind of weed seed, the basic requirement from it is to it having good aroma and flavour. In the Gorilla Glue Strain, you get multiple aromas like pine, lemon, sour, woody or fuel. It depends on the exact hybrid you buy. The flavor can be that of citrus, diesel or fruity. Through such variety, you can easily choose the grain that best suits your interests.


Is the yield good?

Yes, the yield is good. Since the seeds are specifically engineered to be high-yielding, it definitely stands up to its reputation. Through one plant, you can get anywhere between 50-300gms depending upon the kind of seed you got.


Are there any side effects in using these seeds?

There are not many side effects with this, making it another reason why you it is such a popular species. You just need to make sure you do not use it more than the prescribed amount. The general side effects are you experiencing dry mouth or dry eyes. Such less number of side effects, that too which are not that severe, just tells you how safe it is to use this particular kind of seed.

Go get this strain through a trusted online source to get the best yield results.

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